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Web Wiz CAPTCHA examined

Web Wiz CAPTCHA is a free and simple to setup security image software which displays a security image on your web forms that only humans can read.

CAPTCHA security image software is used to protect email, login and all types of web forms, from remote submissions by robots and spam bots, and brute force dictionary hacking attacks on your site.
Main Features
Web Wiz CAPTCHA is simple to setup but has the power to protect your web forms.
Preview Image of Web Wiz CAPTCHA
  • Simple to setup and integrate into your existing forms
  • No DLLs required, just pure ASP
  • Secure server side solution
  • Easy for your users to read, but not for automated programs
  • Protects from spam bots remotely submitting spam to your site's 'contact us' and other email forms, etc.
  • Protects against dictionary and brute force hacking; to protect login forms and secure areas
  • Each unique CAPTCHA image is created on the fly with configurable colours, noise and distortion levels
  • Characters that cause confusion are not used, including (0 and O, 1, l and I, 9 and g, 4 and A, etc.)
  • Reload CAPTCHA image function
  • Fully tested with Abbyy FineReader Professional 9.0 OCR software, which was unable to detect CAPTCHA image characters at their default settings

CAPTCHA Image Configuration Options
Web Wiz CAPTCHA has a vast array of configuration options allowing you to fine tune the CAPTCHA image to best suite your requirements.

  • Configure the amount of noise and distortion within the CAPTCHA image
  • Configure Background, Border and Character colours
  • Enable/Disable different distortion and noise types
  • Over 12 different colour, distortion and noise levels can be configured
  • Configure your own balance between human readability and automated programs reading the CAPTCHA image
  • Distortion and noise types include;
    • Random pixelation, with 2 levels and 2 colour types
    • Random noise lines, with 2 levels and 2 colour types
    • Random character skewing
    • Random line placement

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