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Solar Powered Data Centre
Web Wiz operates our purpose-built Eco-Friendly Data Centre located in Poole, Bournemouth, Dorset on the South Coast of the UK.

The privately owned Tier 2+ facility was designed and built by Web Wiz and completed in May 2018. The Eco Data Centre offers excellent security, resilience and connectivity.

Our Eco Data Centre has been built with three aims in mind, eco-friendly, over engineering and robustness. We believe that a solid investment in the best energy efficient infrastructure will allow us to provide reliable environmentally friendly services.

According to Greenpeace Clean Click 2017 Report, Data Centres will rank by the middle of next decade among the largest users of electrical power on the planet!

Eco Credentials

Bullet The Eco Data Centre was designed from the start to be an Ecological Energy Efficient Data Centre
Bullet On-site Solar Panel Array provides Renewable Energy to our Eco Data Centre
Bullet Powered by 100% Renewable Energy Sources
Bullet Carbon Emissions offset by The World Land Trust Carbon Balanced Programme
Bullet Tesla Solar Energy Storage stores excess energy from our Solar Panel Array to use overnight
Bullet Direct Air EC Fans provide Free Air Cooling and Heat Recovery
Bullet A++ Rated Air Source Heat Pumps provide cooling during the Summer months
Bullet Open Frame Racks for improved air movement and reduce the need for Air Conditioning
Bullet In Rack APC UPS Systems reduces power wastage
Bullet Natural Gas Backup Generator, much cleaner burning compared to Diesel
Bullet LED Lighting with occupancy sensors
Bullet Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.16
(Rating of Very Efficient)

Power and Cooling

Bullet On-site PV Solar Panel Array with 50 Hanwha Q.Cell 305 Wp high-efficiency Solar Panels
Bullet SolarEdge PV Solar Panel Inverter and Optimisers for increased Solar Panel efficiency by up to 25%
Bullet Tesla rechargeable lithium-ion batteries store excess daytime power from our Solar Panel Array to use overnight
Bullet Natural Gas 3 Phase Generator - Provides green electricity in the event of a power outage
Bullet Redundant APC Double-Conversion On-line UPS systems provide clean filtered uninterrupted power - N+1
Bullet Data Centre Racks have two independent power feeds (A / B Power Feeds)
Bullet APC Automatic Transfer Switches - Automatic switching between A / B Power Feeds if a power fault is detected
Bullet Eaton Intelligent Rack Power Distribution Units - Network control of power to Data Centre equipment
Bullet Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) - Switches facility power from Mains Electricity to Gas Generator in the event of a power outage
Bullet Daikin SkyAir A++ rated Air Source Heat Pumps - Redundant systems to control cooling and humidity - N+1
Bullet Systemair Energy Efficient EC Fans - Free Air Cooling to the Data Hall and heat recovery used to heat our Office

Connectivity and Services

Bullet Multiple Ethernet Fibre Circuits from BT OpenReach and Virgin Media connect the Data Centre to the Internet
Bullet Ethernet Fibre Circuits enter our Data Centre at opposite sides of the building and use suppurate ducting
Bullet Multihomed Network connecting to networks from Spitfire, Juice, and British Digital
Bullet Microwave Wireless Link providing network monitoring and backup connectivity
Bullet BGP Diverse Routing - Data Centre traffic will automatically reroute by another Ethernet Circuit in the event of a failure
Bullet Redundant HPE Aruba 10 Gigabit Fibre Network - Network traffic will reroute in the event of a fault
Bullet Redundant Hardware Firewalls with Stateful Hardware Failover in an active-passive configuration
Bullet Redundant SourceFire Snort Intrusion Systems (IPS/IDS)
Bullet Dual-Stack IPv4 and IPv6 Network (IPv6 Network Deployment)

Security & Monitoring

Bullet CCTV system covering all entrances/exits and main areas to ensure that our Data Centre facility is secure at all times
Bullet 24-hour CCTV recording which is then held on site for review should the need arise
Bullet Monitored Intruder Alarm System covers all entrance and exits to the facility
Bullet Second dedicated Monitored Intruder Alarm System covers the Data Hall
Bullet Door Entry Video Intercom System
with 24-hour recording
Bullet Avtech Room Alert Monitoring System monitors Data Centre temperatures, humidity, smoke and water leaks
Bullet Multiple Zone Fire Alarm System monitors all areas of the facility for smoke and heat
Bullet Automatic Fire Suppression Systems using FE 36 Clean Agent Gas
Bullet AquaLeak BREEAM compliance Water Leak Detection will cut off mains water to the facility if a water leak is detected

Eco Data Centre Gallery

Web Wiz UK Data Centre Solar Panel Array

Solar Panel Array, providing on-site renewable energy

Data Centre Redundant Cisco Gigabit Network

Redundant Gigabit Network

Fibre Connections

Diverse Fibre Connections from BT OpenReach and Virgin Media

Data Centre Server Racks

Data Centre Server Racks

Tesla Battery Storage

Tesla Solar Energy Storage, stores excess Solar Power to use overnight

APC Double-Conversion On-line UPS

APC Double-Conversion On-line UPS Systems, providing clean uninterrupted power

APC Automatic Transfer Switch

APC Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS), in rack A / B power feed switching

Eaton Intelligent Rack Power Distribution Units (PDU)

Eaton Intelligent Rack Power Distribution Units (PDU) 

A++ Rated Air Source Heat Pumps

A++ Rated Air Source Heat Pumps, provides cooling during the Summer months

Natural Gas Standby Generator

Natural Gas Standby Generator, provides power if there is an outage

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