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Windows Web Hosting

Get lightning-fast Windows web hosting for your ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, Classic ASP, and PHP websites, powered exclusively by our solar-powered Data Centre.

With our flexible pay-as-you-go pricing model, you can save money and easily scale your web hosting package as your needs grow.

Windows Web Hosting

Windows Web Hosting - Windows ASP.NET Core Hosting
Starting from
$1.18 /month
30-Day Free Trial
Try now, cancel anytime Info Free Trial 30-Day Free Trial
Our Free 30-Day Trial will allow you to try our Windows Web Hosting. If the service does not meet your expectations simply cancel before the end of the free trial.
Pay-As-You-Go Pricing Info PAYG Pricing Pay-As-You-Go Pricing
Stay in control of your costs with pay-as-you-go pricing, you only pay for the resources you use, rather than buying a hosting plan with unused resources. Most customers pay $4.61 per month.*

Price Calculator
Websites Info Hosted Websites Website Hosting
With pay-as-you-go web hosting, you can add as many websites as you like allowing the hosting package to grow with you. Each website is $1.81 and storage $0.0012 MB per month.
NVMe/SSD Storage Info NVMe/SSD Storage Space NVMe/SSD Storage
We use Enterprise NVMe Solid State Drives for reliability and performance, with speeds of over 6,600 MB/s and 1 million Input/output operations per second (IOPS) for the best performance of your websites and databases.
Mailboxes Info SmarterMail Enterprise Mail Servers SmarterMail Enterprise
SmarterMail Enterprise exchange-level mailboxes Email & Team Collaboration

✔ POP, SMTP, & IMAP Access
✔ Encrypted SSL and TLS
✔ Webmail Client
✔ Shared Calendar and Contacts
✔ Exchange ActiveSync
✔ Team Workspaces
✔ Group Chat
✔ File Storage
✔ Online Document Storage
✔ Antispam Protection
✔ Malware Protection

Each mailbox is $0.31 and storage $0.0006 MB per month.
Premium Bandwidth Info Premium Bandwidth Premium Bandwidth
We peer with the largest global Tier-1 providers for low latency, with no transfer limits, and only a simple Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) to ensure fair use for everyone.
SQL Server 2022 Databases Info Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Web Edition
The web hosing plan comes with Microsoft's SQL Server 2022 Web Edition Databases for use with your Web Wiz hosted websites. Each SQL Server Database is $1.37 and storage $0.0062 MB per month.
MySQL 8.0 Databases Info MySQL 8.0 MySQL 8.0
The web hosing plan comes with MySQL 8.0 Databases for use with your Web Wiz hosted websites. Each MySQL Database is $1.18 and storage $0.0062 MB per month.
Windows Server 2022 IIS 10 Info Windows 2012 Server Windows Server 2022 with IIS 10
Windows Server 2022 includes many enhancements that make this release the most robust Windows Server Web application platform yet. The Windows Server 2022 IIS 10 platform is ideal for running ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, Classic ASP, and PHP dynamic database driven websites.

ASP.NET 8 Included
ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET, PHP, Classic ASP Info .NET Core, ASP.NET, PHP, and Classic ASP Your Hosting Package comes equipped to run;

✔ ASP.NET 8 (.NET Core 8.0)
✔ ASP.NET 7 (.NET Core 7.0)
✔ ASP.NET 6 (.NET Core 6.0)
✔ ASP.NET 5 (.NET Core 5.0)
✔ ASP.NET Core 2.1 to 3.1
✔ ASP.NET 2.0 to 4.8
✔ PHP 7.4 to 8.2
✔ Classic ASP 3.0
Free SSL Certificates Info Free SSL Certificates Free SSL Website Security Certificate
Free SSL Certificates included for each of your websites to encrypt communication between your website and visitors web browser showing as secure, displaying a padlock icon in the address bar.
UK Support Info UK Technical Support UK Technical Support
Our Support Team is made up of friendly UK based helpful engineers, enabling them to have the knowledge and skills to help with all aspects of your web hosting.
Daily Backups Info Daily Backups Daily Off-Site Backups
Daily backups are made of your Websites, Databases and Email with backups onsite and offsite in Fire and Water Proof Storage Pods. Should you accidentally delete any files or databases we can roll-back your data.
99.9% Uptime Guarantee Info 99.9% Uptime Guarantee 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
We are able to guarantee a 99.9% uptime as we work hard to ensure that our network is fully resilient, with multiple automatic backup systems and round-the-clock availability monitoring that will alert engineers the moment any issues are detected.
No Minimum Contract Period Info Contract Period No Minimum Contract Period
There is no minimum contract term with our Windows Web Hosting. We only ask that you give 3 business days notice, allowing us to put in place a stop on any further payments.
Green Web Hosting Info Green Web Hosting Green Web Hosting
✔ Solar Powered Data Centre
✔ 100% Renewable Energy
✔ Energy Efficient Servers
✔ Supporting World Land Trust, Buy an Acre


Hosting Plan Features

Green Web Hosting   Show More

Green Web Hosting
World Land Trust Info World Land Trust Supporting The World Land Trust
Since 2010 we have supported World Land Trust. Currently, we are supporting World Land Trust through their Buy an Acre programme, which protects wildlife habitats around the world.
Each month Web Wiz helps to purchase a quarter an acre of land.

Supporting Buy and Acre
Onsite Solar Power Generation Info Solar Powered Hosting Onsite Solar Power Generation
At Web Wiz, we generate our renewable electricity from our onsite solar power production, which we use to power our Office and Data Centre. Our solar panel array can make up to 50% of the electricity we use in a year.
Energy Efficient Green Servers Included

Websites   Show More

Websites Info Hosted Websites Websites
Unleash your website's true potential with our unlimited hosting service. Harness the power of ASP.NET, Classic ASP, and PHP to create dynamic websites that bring your ideas to life.
Each website is $1.81 and storage $0.0012 MB per month
Hosting Control Panel Info Hosting Control Panel MSP Control
Manage all aspects of your hosting account easily through the MSP Control hosting control panel, instantly setting up websites, e-mail accounts, site statistics, etc. MSP Control is the most advanced control panel available for Windows Server.
FTP Accounts Included
Web Deploy Publishing
Publish your web application from Visual Studio
Website Dedicated IP Address Each dedicated IP address is $4.93 per month

Email   Show More

SmarterMail Enterprise Info SmarterMail Enterprise Mail Servers SmarterMail Enterprise
SmarterMail Enterprise is an award-winning email, collaboration and group chat server that easily meets the needs of any sized business.
Mailboxes Info POP3/SMTP/IMAP Mailboxes IMAP/POP/SMTP Mailboxes
Professional email with State-of-the-art anti-spam protection included. Access your email from mail clients running on your Desktop, Mobile Devices and a web browser using our Webmail Service.
Each mailbox is $0.31 and storage $0.0006 MB per month
(max. size 50,000 MB each)
Email Forwarding Unlimited
Each mail alias is $0.0125 per month
Email Groups Unlimited
Each mail group is $0.56 per month and you can have up to 15 email address in each group
Daily Backups Info Daily Backups Daily Backups
Daily backups are made of your Email with backup data stored both onsite and offsite in Fire and Water Proof Storage Pods. Should you accidentally delete your mailbox we can recover it from backup.
Webmail Client Info Enterprise Webmail Service Enterprise Webmail Service
Access your mailboxes to read and send email messages from any device with Internet access and a web browser. The Web Mail Service includes, email composer, contacts, events, anti-spam filters, and Team Workspaces which can be synced with Desktop and Mobile Email Clients.
POP, SMTP, & IMAP Access
Supports Encrypted SSL and TLS
Contacts and Calender Syncing
With email clients that support CalDAV
Sync Emails (IMAP), Contacts and Calenders (CalDAV)
Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync Info Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync (Push Connectivity)
Exchange ActiveSync uses direct push technology to automatically provide users with over-the-air access to email and collaboration items, such as contacts and calendars.
$3.68 /month
Shared Calendar and Contacts Included
File Sharing Included
Group Chat (XMPP/Jabber) Included
Antispam Protection
Message Sniffer Info Message Sniffer Message Sniffer
Email is scanned by Arm Research Labs Message Sniffer which uses collaborative learning technologies to accurately identify spam, scams, viruses, and other email borne malware before it hits your inbox!

Cyren Premium Antispam Info Cyren Premium Antispam Cyren Premium Antispam
Email is scanned by Cyren Premium Antispam using a unique content-agnostic technology that detects spam in any language and is highly effective against image-based spam.

Real Time Block List Info Spam Protection Spam Protection
To ensure that you received high quality email services free from Spam, Viruses and Malware, Web Wiz uses Real time Block Lists (RBL) from Web Wiz (DNSBL), SpamHaus, Barracuda (BRBL), SORBS, and SpamCop, to prevent emails from known Spam sources reaching your Inbox.
Malware Protection Info Malware Protection Malware Protection
Our mail services scan emails as they arrive and files uploaded in the Webmail Service for malware and viruses using ClamAV.

Backup MX Mail Servers Info Off Site Backup Mail Servers Off Site Backup Mail Servers
In the unlikely event our primary network should become unavailable we also maintain Backup MX Mail Servers in a secondary Data Centre which instantly takes over in the event the Primary Mail Servers are unavailable.

ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET, Classic ASP, PHP   Show More

New ASP.NET 8 Info ASP.NET 6 (ASP.NET Core) ASP.NET 8 (ASP.NET Core 8)
Web Wiz are proud to support Microsoft's new next generation ASP.NET 8 (ASP.NET Core 8.0) on all our Hosting Plans. ASP.NET 8 is the new cross-platform open source web framework. With support for in-process, Blazor, EF Core, MVC Core, SignalR, Web API.

ASP.NET Core 2.1 to 8.0 Supported
ASP.NET 7 Included
ASP.NET 6 Included
ASP.NET 5 Included
ASP.NET 4.8 Info ASP.NET 4.8 Framework ASP.NET 4.8
Microsoft ASP.NET 4.8 is available on all our Hosting Plans and is available with Full Trust with both Integrated and Classic Pipeline with the addition of LINQ, ASP.NET AJAX, Microsoft Chart Controls, MVC (Model-View-Controller) and more.

Classic ASP.NET 2.0 to 4.8 Supported
PHP 8.2
PHP 7.4 to 8.2 Supported
Classic ASP 3.0 Included
ASP.NET Full Trust Included
Virtual Directories (Application Root Directories) Included
ASP.NET State Service (Out-of-Process Session State) Included
Web Page Compression Info Static and Dynamic Web Page Compression Static and Dynamic Web Page Compression
Web Page Compression allows all your web pages to be compressed by as much as 70%, giving faster page download times and reduced bandwidth consumption.
Custom Error Pages Info Customised Error Pages Customised Error Pages
Replace the common 'page not found error' and other common error pages with your own custom error messages. Use this to display a site map if a page can not be found encouraging visitors to stay on your site
Custom Website Headers Included
Custom MIME Types Included
Scheduled Task Unlimited
Each scheduled task is $0.81 per month

Installed ASP/.NET Components   Show More

IIS URL Rewrite Module 2.1 Included
Persits AspUpload Included
Persits AspJpeg Included
Persits AspPDF Included
Persits AspEncrypt Included
Persits AspEmail (Includes Premium features) Included
Dimac w3 JMail Pro Included
CDOSYS Included

Databases   Show More

SQL Server 2022 Databases Info Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Web Edition
For superior performance, your Web Hosting Package supports with Microsoft's SQL Server 2022 Web Edition Databases for use with your websites and web applications. SQL Server Management Studio, Stored Procedures and Full-Text Searches supported.

SQL Server Web Edition
Each SQL Server Database is $1.37 and storage $0.0062 MB per month
(for use with Web Wiz hosted websites, max size 5,000 MB each)
Web Based SQL Server Manager Info Microsoft SQL Server Management Tools Microsoft SQL Server Management Tools
Included with your Hosting Package is a range of web-based SQL Server Management Tools that allow you to Manage, Backup, Restore, and Transfer databases online in real-time.
SQL Management Studio Connections Included
Full Text Search (SQL Server) Included
MySQL 8.0 Databases Info MySQL 8.0 MySQL 8.0
Your Web Hosting Package supports MySQL 8.0 Databases for use with your websites and web applications. MySQL is the world's most popular open-source database system, with outstanding performance and proven reliability.

Each MySQL Database is $1.18 and storage $0.0062 MB per month
(for use with Web Wiz hosted websites, max size 5,000 MB each)
Web Based MySQL Manager phpMyAdmin Included
MySQL Remote Management Tool Support Included
Microsoft Access Info Microsoft Access Microsoft Access
Included in all plans, use an unlimited number of Access databases with your websites applications, allowing dynamic database driven websites.

SSL Certificates   Show More

Let's Encrypt Free
Sectigo PositiveSSL $37.34 /year

Website Statistics   Show More

SmarterStats Info Website Analytics and SEO Reporting SmarterStats Website Analytics and Site Tuning
Web log analytics and Site Tuning offers true web log analytics to provide a complete understanding of the popularity and performance of your online presence.

Website Analytics and Site Tuning
Each website statistics service is $2.43 per month
Website Log Files Included

Daily Backups   Show More

Daily Backups Info Daily Backups Daily Backups
Daily backups are made of your Websites, Databases and Email with backup data stored in fire and water proof Storage Pods that are able to withstand 843°C fires and being fully submerged in water.
Encrypted Off-Site Backups Info Daily Backups Daily Off-Site Backups
As well as storing Daily Backups at are our Data Centre in fire and waterproof Storage Pods, encrypted copies of the Daily Backups are stored at a second location out side of our Data Centre.
Retention Period 28 Days
Hosting Space / Website Backup Included
SQL Server & MySQL Database Backup Included
Email & Webmail Backup Included
Data Recovery from Backup Included
Fire Proof Backup Storage
(Fires of 843°C for 30 minutes)
Water Proof Backup Storage
(Full Water Submersion for 72 hours)

Security   Show More

Hardware Firewall Protection Info Hardware Firewall Protection Hardware Firewall Protection
Our network is protected from malicious attacks and unauthorised access by hardened hardware firewalls.
Web Application Firewall Info Web Application Firewall (WAF) Web Application Firewall (WAF)
Your website is protected by ModSecurity using our custom ruleset to block malicious traffic from reaching your website. Many forms of attack, including brute force password, SQL Injection, can be detected and blocked.

Protection from Hackers and Botnets
CERT-UK Network Reporting Info CERT-UK Network Reporting (CNR) CERT-UK Network Reporting (CNR)
Web Wiz as members of CiSP receive weekly network monitoring reports from the UK Governments CERT-UK alerting us to compromised websites that have been defaced or serving malware. We then work with customers with comprised websites to ensure that their websites are secured.

Systems, Network, & Data Centre    Show More

UK Data Centre Info Secure Data Centre Web Wiz Data Centre
The Web Wiz UK Data Centre is owned and operated by ourselves. The purpose built state of the art Green Data Centre facility was completed in May 2018.

Web Wiz owned and operated Data Centre
Multiple Internet Connections Info Diverse Fibre Internet Connections Multiple Internet Connections
Our Data Centre has direct connections to the Internet backbone in several locations. Fibre circuits using multiple providers enter our facility at opposite ends and connect it to independent Points of Presence (PoP).
Low Latency Network Info Redundant Path BGP Internet Routing Low Latency Network
Ensuring the quickest path over the Internet, our redundant path BGP Internet routing relies on transit provided by the three largest global Tier-1 networks: Lumen, Arelion, and Cogent.
365/24/7 Monitoring
with Engineer Push Notifications (Live Feed) Info 365/24/7 Network & Server Monitoring 365/24/7 Network & Server Monitoring
We have more than 1,000 sensors that continuously monitor all aspects of our services, including the data environment, network equipment, and servers. If any problem is detected, our technicians receive push notifications immediately, alerting them to the issue.
Replication to Redundant Hardware Info Server Replication to Redundant Hardware Replication to Redundant Hardware
Our servers, hosted on active nodes within our data centre cloud, are replicated to redundant backup nodes. Backup servers within our cloud are able to take over in the event of hardware failure, maintenance or hardware upgrades.
IPv4 & IPv6 Website Connectivity
(IPv6 Network Deployment)
UPS Battery and Generator Power Backup Info Backup UPS and Generators UPS Battery and Standby Generator Power Backup
All of our servers are protected by double-conversion online UPS systems and an automatic transfer standby generator set, guarding against power outages and spikes.

* Typical month hosting costs are based on 1 x 100 MB ASP.NET Website and 1 x 20 MB SQL Server Database.

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