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Web Wiz Hosting Services Anti-SPAM Policy

This policy is subject to change, so please check regularly for updates. This policy is in addition to Web Wiz Terms and Conditions.

1. Web Wiz does not authorise the use of its computer systems and network to accept, transmit or distribute unsolicited bulk email, also known as SPAM.

2. Web Wiz reserves the right to determine what constitutes SPAM and terminate or suspend all services, without prior notice, of any customer disregarding this policy. YOU WILL BE CHARGED A FEE OF £50 PLUS AN ADDITIONAL £25 PER HOUR ADMINISTRATIVE CHARGES FOR ACCOUNTS TERMINATED OR SUSPENDED DUE TO SPAM.

3. Shared Hosting Customers are permitted to send up to 500 emails per hour and a maximum of 12,000 emails per month. If you exceed these limits Web Wiz reserves the right to suspend services, without prior notice, and charge over usage fees as set out in section 10 of the Web Wiz Terms and Conditions.

4. You will represent, undertake and warrant to Web Wiz that any bulk-email, sent either using the services provided by Web Wiz or to promote a website or domain held on the Web Wiz Network, will comply with the terms below. Any bulk-email that does not comply with these terms will be treated as SPAM and clause 2 of this policy will apply: -

4.1. You shall ensure that any email that you send fully complies with EU-based legislation, The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Fines for non compliance of GDPR are 20 million Euros or 10% Company turnover, whichever is higher, so it is important that you comply with GDPR.

Every email must clearly state who the sender is and give clear and precise instructions on how to be removed from receiving any further communications of the same or similar nature. The removal instructions shall be easy to understand and must aid and not hinder the subscriber.

4.3. You shall ensure that before the sending of any bulk-email you have received back consent in the form of a 'Subscription Confirmation Request' from each recipient's email address that proves that the recipient did in fact 'opt-in' to receiving communications of this kind. If you do not have such proof then it will be treated as SPAM and clause 1 of this policy will be applied.

4.4. You shall ensure the 'Subscription Confirmation Request' sent to the recipient to confirm 'opt in' of bulk-email shall not be an advertisement for products or services.

5. To prevent the sending of bulk unsolicited email and to prevent the IP addresses of Web Wiz being blocked by IP address blocking,  then clause 2 of this policy will be applied, in the following scenarios: -

5.1. Where Web Wiz has received any complaints concerning unsolicited email originating from a Web Wiz hosted domain.

5.2. Where Web Wiz have received any complaints concerning unsolicited email being sent to promote websites and domains that are hosted on the Web Wiz network. This also includes domains which use the Web Wiz domain forwarding service.

5.3. Where bulk-email is sent to a 'dirty list' of unconfirmed 'opt-in' email addresses.

5.4. Where bulk-email is sent to email addresses harvested from the Internet.

5.5. Where bulk-email is sent to email addresses obtained from another party, even if the other party claim the list is 'opt-in'.

5.6. Where you have not put in place adequate protection to prevent web applications and scripts from sending unsolicited spam email for your website.

5.7. Where email services provided by Web Wiz are used to promote or in conjunction with websites or domains that are not hosted on the Web Wiz Network.

6. Nothing in this policy is intended to grant any right to transmit or send email to, or through, the Services provided by Web Wiz. Failure to enforce this policy in every instance does not amount to a waiver of Web Wiz's rights.

7. Unauthorised use of the Services in connection with the transmission of unsolicited email, including the transmission of email in violation of this policy, may result in civil, criminal, or administrative penalties against the sender and those assisting the sender.

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