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Web Wiz DNSBL Spam Database Lookup

No SpamTo ensure that our customers receive high quality email services free from Spam, Web Wiz uses DNS-based Block Lists (DNSBL) to block email that is sent from known spam sources.

In order to prevent false positives we use multiple Block Lists from Web Wiz (DNSBL), SpamHaus, Barracuda (BRBL), HostKarma, SORBS, and SpamCop. The source IP address must be listed in multiple Block Lists before we block email sent from an IP address.

Web Wiz maintain our own Web Wiz DNSBL Database of IP Addresses. Most IP Addresses are listed as a result of directly sending Spam or Virus Emails to our honey pot addresses, special addresses created to receive only spam and do not belong to any real user. We also add the IP Address of Spam Emails that have been reported to us by our customers. This list is manually maintained to ensure that the quality is high.

Web Wiz DNSBL Spam Database Lookup

To check that your Mail Server is not listed in the Spam Databases that Web Wiz use in our anti-spam services, simply enter your IP Address or Mail Server Hostname in the box provided.

Enter IP Address or Hostname

Arm Research Labs Message Sniffer
Emails are scanned to identify spam, scams, viruses, and other email borne malware by Arm Research Labs Message Sniffer. This uses rule based system to accurately detect 99% of spam that learns about your mail environment automatically to optimise its performance and accuracy and without your intervention. Those emails that are suspected of being Spam are given a score to allow customers to filter emails based on their spam score.

Cyren Premium Antispam
Emails received by Web Wiz customers are scanned by Cyren Premium Antispam and emails given a Spam Score. The Cyren Detection Centre analyses large volumes of Internet traffic in real time, recognising and protecting against new spam outbreaks the moment they emerge. Those emails that are suspected of being Spam are given a score to allow customers to filter emails based on their spam score. To check that your Website or Mail Server IP is not blocklisted by Cyren please go to www.cyren.com/security-center.html.

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