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What is Microsoft Hyper-V Cloud Hosting?

Microsoft Hyper-v 2016Microsoft's Hyper-V 2016 is a Hypervisor that provides a reliable and optimised cloud solution between physical hardware and the Operating System allowing multiple Cloud Servers to run on the physical hardware at the same time.

Windows Hyper-V Cloud Server Hosting offers the capabilities of a dedicated server with the flexibility of being able to quickly add more resources, such as memory, CPU and Storage to match increasing demands. Availability and backup is also improved with the added advantage of Failover (switching) to Redundant Hardware and continuous Replication (backup) of Cloud Servers to Redundant Hardware.

Hyper-V Cloud Server vs. Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Hyper-V Cloud Servers are superior to Virtual Private Servers (VPS) as each Cloud Server is isolated from other Cloud Servers with each having its own Dedicated Operating System, own Intel Solid State Drive Storage, Guaranteed Processing Power, and Dedicated Memory allowing you to install your own Operating System and applications in the same way you would with a dedicated server. As a result you do not need to worry about having your hosted services overrun by another service on the same hardware.

Hyper-V Cloud Server vs. Dedicated Server Hosting

Hyper-V Cloud Servers offer many advantages over traditional Dedicated Server Hosting, with improved availability and easier to scale as extra vCPU’s, Memory, and Storage Space can be added on the fly without long periods of downtime.

One of the biggest rewards over Dedicated Servers is the ability for Cloud Servers to be continuously replicated (copied) to Redundant Backup Nodes and be able to failover (switch) to Redundant Backup Nodes within the Cloud in the event of hardware failure, maintenance, or upgrades.

Hyper-V Cloud Servers can easily be moved between Hardware Nodes if there is a hardware fault or require more resources, such as extra CPU or memory, without interruption to services.

Benefits of Web Wiz Hyper-V Windows Cloud Server Hosting

Bullet Own Private Operating System - Choose between Windows Server 2016 or Windows Server 2012 R2
Bullet Each Cloud Server is isolated from other Cloud Servers on the same physical hardware
Bullet Guaranteed Processor, Dedicated Memory, and Dedicated Intel Solid Sate Storage resources
Bullet Full Administrative Root Level Access via Remote Desktop (RDP)
Bullet High Availability Hosting of Cloud Servers allowing failover (switching) to Redundant Backup Nodes
Bullet Cloud Servers are continuously replicated (backed up) to Redundant Hardware
Bullet Live Migration of Cloud Servers between Hardware Nodes without interruption to services
Bullet Super Fast next generation NVMe Intel Solid State Drive (SSD) Storage
Bullet Powerful solution for Disaster Recovery, Server Consolidation, and application or Website hosting needs
Bullet Install your Software and Applications
Bullet More secure than Shared Web Hosting

Web Wiz Dynamic Cloud Data Centre

The Web Wiz Dynamic Cloud Data Centre has Cloud Servers hosted on Active Nodes that are continuously replicated to Redundant Backup Nodes within our Data Centre Cloud. The design has two things in mind, performance and reliability to allow the quick provisioning of extra resources with no downtime and eliminate service outages during hardware failure or maintenance. 

Hyper-V Cloud Servers can be moved between Hardware Nodes using Live Migration which allows Cloud Servers to be moved without any interruption to services.

To produce a 'Green Hosting' solution for Cloud Servers, Web Wiz use Green Energy Efficient Servers for our physical Hardware Nodes. This is more expensive but the power savings over our traditional servers is over 60%!

Web Wiz Dynamic Data Centre Architecture

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