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Our best prices for domain name registration and transfer are some of the cheapest , thanks to our highly automated systems that make buying a domain registration or registration transfer simple and easy.

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Info .agency
Must-have for advertising, PR, modelling and employment agencies.
$29.67 $29.67 $29.67
Info .associates
Ideal for Law and accounting firms as well as any firm with Associates in its name.
$34.73 $34.73 $34.73
Info .biz
Often used as an alternative to .COM especially for businesses.
$23.34 $23.34 $23.34
Info .boutique
Ideal for boutiques and anyone who works in fashion, arts, design and wants to sell their creations online.
$38.52 $38.52 $38.52
Info .business
Ideal for any type of business.
$18.91 $18.91 $18.91
Info .center
.center is a must-have for everything from learning centers, research organisation to community centres.
$25.24 $25.24 $25.24
Info .co
.CO is a new Global Domain that is being promoted as the new .COM alternative.
$37.89 $37.89 $37.89
Info .com
Perfect for all uses. The most widely used extension in the world!
$18.91 $18.91 $18.91
Info .company
.company is the extension for businesses from all industries, no matter how large or small.
$18.91 $18.91 $18.91
Info .delivery
Ideal for businesses that offer any type delivery service.
$48.01 $48.01 $48.01
Info .enterprises
.enterprises is the gTLD for startups, entrepreneurs, financiers and all professionals or companies with a vision who are looking to make a strong impression on the Internet.
$34.73 $34.73 $34.73
Info .global
Ideal extension for businesses wanting to promote their products and services worldwide
$75.84 $75.84 $75.84
Info .group
Great for organisations that end in Group as a way to shorten your domain.
$25.24 $25.24 $25.24
Info .international
The perfect namespace for brands and businesses who want to go global and reach a wider audience.
$31.55 $31.55 $31.55
Info .limited
Ideal for 'Limited Companies' or for promoting limited time sales, discounts and special offers.
$34.73 $34.73 $34.73
Info .ltd
LTD stands for 'Limited Company' which makes it ideal for any LTD companies.

Promotional Discount Ends: 01 January 2024
$27.13 $18.91 $27.13 $27.13
Info .marketing
Ideal extension for ad and marketing agencies, PR firms and market research companies.
$34.73 $34.73 $34.73
Info .markets
Ideal for markets and market traders.
$56.86 $56.86 $56.86
Info .net
Used as a worldwide domain for multiple brands linked from one website, or where .COM is not available.
$18.91 $18.91 $18.91
Info .org
Represents the word "organization," and is primarily used by non-profit groups, charities, or trade associations.
$18.91 $18.91 $18.91
Info .partners
Great domain choice for law firms, accounting services, investors and any other businesses that ends with 'partners'.
$48.01 $48.01 $48.01
Info .productions
Perfect domain for creative agencies, independent studios and productions houses that produce commercials, music videos, radio ads, movies and any type of media.
$41.68 $41.68 $41.68
Info .salon
Ideal for anyone who owns or runs a salon.
$48.01 $48.01 $48.01
Info .services
Ideal for any professional or business providing services.

Promotional Discount Ends: 01 January 2024
$41.68 $12.59 $41.68 $41.68
Info .support
.support is the perfect new extension for consultants, businesses and anyone else who provides any type of support.
$25.24 $25.24 $25.24
Info .trading
Ideal for any business that is trading.
$75.84 $75.84 $75.84
Info .ventures
.ventures gTLDs are perfect for entrepreneurs and start-ups who are looking for a unique and relevant web address to make a first great impression online.
$48.01 $48.01 $48.01

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* Domain Name Transfers

Except for free domain transfers and .DE domain name transfers, the registry stipulates that domain name transfers are the same as new one-year name registration. Transfers add to the time remaining on the registration at the current registrar, and do not start the registration period over. The Registry will not add a year if the domain is transferred within the first 45 days of the extended/renewed year.

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