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Hosting Services Daily & Off-Site Backups

Web Hosting Backup ServiceDaily backups are made of your Hosting Space including Websites, Databases and Email to our local Storage Pods capable of withstanding fires of over 800 °C and being fully submerged in water for 72 hours.

Encrypted Backups are also regularly mirrored Off-Site to a second UK location where backup data is also stored on our Fire and Waterproof Storage Pods.

In the unlikely event of a server failing we are able to undertake recovery to recreate a failed server from an image based backup fully recovering services in a very short period of time.

Our backups include; All Web Server Files, SQL Server Databases, mySQL Databases, Mail Servers, Control Panel, WebMail, and Website Statistics.

In addition to the Daily Backups all servers are continuously Mirrored to Backup Servers to allow failover (switching) of servers in the event of hardware failure.

File and Database Recovery Service

As an extra optional service we are able to offer to our Hosting Client's a recovery service of their website files and databases to a previous point-in-time for both changed and accidentally deleted files.

Recovery of Deleted Files

We are able to create mirrored clones of our Servers from backup images allowing file level restore of both changed and deleted files for Hosting Client's. More information can be found below on how long we store data depending on the type of file and the service.

Hosting Space & Websites Files

Data stored in your Hosting Space, including your web pages and images are backed up daily. File level recovery of files is possible recovering deleted and changed files to any of the daily backups taken over the previous 4 week period.

SQL Server and mySQL Database Backup

Full backups of all SQL Server databases are created daily during off-peak hours with no interruption to service and are stored for 4 weeks on our File Storage Servers. This allows us to roll-back changed or deleted SQL Server and mySQL databases to a previous point-in-time, or supply these database backups to clients upon request.

Email and WebMail Backup

Mail servers are backed up daily with emails and web mail settings being backed up. Unfortunately due to the way our mail servers store emails we are not able to roll back individual emails if you accidentally delete them.

Creating Your Own Independent Backups

As well as our automated nightly backups of our servers we also supply clients with a range of tools for creating your own backups and restorations. We highly recommend that all clients create and keep their own regular backups of data stored on our systems.

Please note: Although we do our best to insure the integrity of our data backups and redundant backup systems no backup solution is 100% infallible and we can not guarantee that data will be recoverable in the event of a data loss. Please ensure that you make your own regular backups of data stored on our systems.

Cloud Server daily backups are available as an optional extra.

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