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WebWizForums Free Forum SoftwareWeb Wiz Forums has hundreds of powerful, easy-to-setup tools and options. However, we have been careful not to go too far, as this would be a disservice to the thousands of people who use our software. And we do not believe that a slow and overly-complicated product is right for anyone.

Before every new feature is added, we carefully weigh up all the pros and cons, and even then we ensure that each feature is built, bearing in mind things like performance, security and ease of use. So that we can build you one of the fastest performing and secure bulletin board systems you can get, anywhere, with the tools you need to build your community.

Main Features
Web Wiz Forums is undeniably packed full of features, below are just a few of the main ones.

  • Unlimited Forums, Sub Forums, Posts, Groups, and Members
  • Private Messaging System
  • Mobile Phone & Tablet Optimised Version
  • Event Calendar - Announce and organise events
  • Chat Room
  • Forum Polls
  • Social Network Sharing - Facebook, Google +1, Twitter, Digg, etc.
  • RSS Feeds - Syndicate your forum
  • Monetise Forum with Own Forum Ads
  • StopForumSpam - Checks with the StopForumSpam service to block known spammers from registering
  • Rich Text Editor - WYSIWYG Post Writing Editor
  • Powerful and flexible permission system
  • Comprehensive administration control panel
  • Security and Anti-SPAM Tools - Configurable Anti-Spam, Bad Word Filters, Spam Cleaner, known spammer blocking, SSL Support, and more
  • AJAX Web 2.0 interface for improved usability
  • Installation and Upgrade Wizard for easy install/upgrades
  • Generic Member Import Tool - Import members from other databases including other forum systems
  • Search Engine Optimisation - Dynamically created meta tags with Title, Description, and Keywords
  • Friendly URL's (FURLs) - Dynamic URL's are rewritten as Friendly URL's for ease of use and improved Search Engine Indexing

General Features
  • Topic display options - Sort by Topics, Topic Starter, Replies, Views, Post Date, etc.
  • Active Topics - Topics containing new posts since last visit or other user defined period
  • Un-answered Topics - Topics with no replies since last visit or defined period
  • Forum and Topic Subscriptions (optional notification by RSS Feeds or email)
  • Forum and Topic, New Post Icon with number of unread posts using mouse over
  • Last Unread Post Icon - Takes you directly to the last unread post in the topic (updated in real-time)
  • Printer Friendly version of topics
  • Forum Polls - Create Topics that contains Polls which your members and visitors can vote on
  • Topic Rating System
  • Email page to friend option
  • Topic preview using mouse over
  • Admin tools for Topics - Edit, Delete, Move, Lock, Sticky, Event Date, Icon, etc.
  • Hot topics icons
  • Announcements and Sticky Topics
  • Topic Sharing and Social Bookmarks
  • Social Networking buttons including Facebook, Twitter, Google +1 and more

  • WYSIWYG Post Writing Editor (optional)
  • BBcode support - For adding extra formatting and functionality to posts
  • Animated Emotions
  • Upload and attach images and files (uses Groups Permission system)
  • Quick reply box with Full-Reply switch
  • Preview post option
  • Message Editing and Quoting
  • Report offensive or unwelcome post
  • Unread Post Icon - New Posts since you last visited the Topic are display with a New Post Icon
  • Admin tools for Posts - Edit, Delete, Move, etc.
  • Delete Posts - If a member has permission they can only delete their post if a reply has not been posted
  • Guest posting (optional) with CAPTCHA Security Code Images to prevent spamming
  • YouTube support for adding YouTube content
  • Adobe Flash support for adding Flash content
  • Create Event Topics both displayed as a Forum Topic and within the Event Calendar system
  • Set Answer/Resolution Posts which are highlighted after the first post as the Answer or Resolution to a question
  • Set Time Delay on how long Posts can be Edited for after being Posted
  • Server Session Pinging to keep the session alive while writing long posts or stop to take a break

WYSIWYG Post Writing Editor
  • WYSIWYG Post Writing Editor with cross browser and platform support
  • Uses Web Wiz Rich Text Editor which is also available as a standalone product for your own web forms
  • Bold, Italic, Underline, Ordered/Unordered List, Cut, Copy, Paste, etc
  • Spell Checking Support
  • Font Colour Tool with HTML safe colour pallet
  • Insert/Upload Image Tool with preview window
  • Attach/Upload File Tool with preview window
  • Insert Hyperlink Tool with preview window
  • Paste From Word Tool
  • Insert Movie Tool with preview window for YouTube and Adobe Flash
  • Special Characters
  • 'HTML Secure' Technology - Removes malicious code including Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
  • BBcode support - For adding extra formatting and functionality to posts (Bold, Italic, Fonts, YouTube, Flash, Images, Links, etc)
  • Upload Progress Bar displays the percentage of files/images uploaded, estimated time left, transfer speed, and more (Progress Bar only available if using the Persists AspUpload 3 or above upload component)

  • Community focused member profiles
  • Member List with Search Tool
  • Member Post Search
  • Private Messaging System
  • Points System - Receive Points for Posting New Topics, Replies, being Thanked for Posts, proposing a Answer
  • Buddy List
  • Built in Email Messenger
  • Member Thanking - Allows Members to be Thanked for Posts they have made and receive additional Points
  • Member Control Panel
  • File and Image Upload Manager
  • Member Birthdays shown in Forum Index and Calendar
  • Generic Member Import Tool - Import members from other databases including other forum systems

Chat Room
  • Optional community Chat Room
  • Fast Chat Room System using AJAX for minimum server load
  • List of Members using Chat Room
  • Members Chat icon dynamically updates if they are Active or Lost Window Focus
  • Members Chat icon dynamically updates if they are Typing
  • Uses Forums Bad Word Filter
  • Animated Emotions (Smiles)
  • Support for BBCode

Calendar System
  • Optional community based Calendar System
  • Post Topics as Calendar Events and allow members to post replies to events
  • Weekly, Yearly, and Monthly views
  • Today's date highlighted
  • RSS Feeds of events
  • Events can be single day event or span multiple days, weeks, or even months

RSS Feeds
  • Full RSS Support - For content sharing, export, and New Post and Event notification
  • RSS Feeds or Forums, Topics, and Calendar Events
  • XSLT Style sheet - For web browsers that don't have RSS support built in

Security and ANTI-SPAM
  • Group and Individual User Permission System - View Forums, Create Topics, Reply, Edit Post, etc.
  • Anti-SPAM Tools prevent robots from posting SPAM messages
  • New StopForumSpam - Checks with the StopForumSpam service to block known spammers from registering
  • SPAM Cleaner Tool - One stop tool for removing, blocking, and cleaning up messages from a spammer
  • SPAM Filter - Add words or Regular Expressions with configuarble actions when Spam Filter detects Spam in Posts
  • Anti-Spam Flood Control - Time span between members posts and number per hour
  • Private Message Anti-SPAM Flood Control - Number of private messages that can be sent per hour
  • New SSL Support - Native support for SSL encryption for sensitive sections including Registration, Login, Profiles, Admin Area, etc.
    (Requires an SSL Certificate and a website configured to use SSL)
  • Secure login system with protection from Dictionary Hacking and Password Cracking
  • Email activation of new member registrations
  • Optional CAPTCHA Security Code Images for new member registration to block automated spam bots
  • Vetting system allows the forum admin to activate new members once they are approved
  • IP Address logging and blocking (IPv4 and IPv6 supported)
  • New IP Country block for new member registrations based on the country their IP address belongs to (IPv4 and IPv6 supported)
  • Bad Word Filter with support for Regular Expressions, for replacing unsociable words or phrases with those set in the filter
  • Fully moderated Topics and Posts - Topics and Post are displayed after being approved by a moderator
  • Double posting of identical posts blocked
  • Email Domain Banning
  • Member Suspension
  • Report Post with email alerts
  • Password protect forums
  • 160bit one way password encryption
  • Optional enforce Password Complexity
  • Security filters to preventing Cross Site Scripting (XSS) and SQL Injections
  • Protection from Cross Site Forgery Requests (XSFR)
  • rel="nofollow" now added to all links by default to reduce link spamming to gain link juice
  • Proprietary Session Tracking - Improves security and performance with support for load balanced servers, web gardens, and web farms
  • High security Admin Control Panel login
  • Regular security audits carried out to make sure Web Wiz Forums is protected from the latest threats
  • 24 hour vulnerability patch policy - Should a vulnerable area ever be found, we aim to have a patch released within 24 hours!

Search Tools
  • Powerful Forum Search Engine with unique caching system for improved performance
  • Use quick search tool or advanced search tool for more detailed searching
  • Display results as posts or topics
  • Search individual forums, all forums, or particular topics
  • Search posts using keywords and/or by member
  • Search for posts by an IP Address (Admins and Moderators only)
  • Keyword highlighter to quickly and easily find what you are looking for quicker and easier
  • Quick search topic tool for quickly searching posts in a particular topic

  • Existing Member API
    Simple to implement. Can work with an existing member system and link to your own Registration, Login, and Logout pages
    Very powerful API allows developers working with Classic ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, CGI, ColdFusion, and even desktop applications to interact directly to Web Wiz Forums

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Friendly URL Rewriting for pages indexed by Search Engines
    (Requires Helicon Tech ISAPI_Rewrite 3 Full or Microsoft IIS 7.0 URL Rewrite Module)
  • URL Rewriting for Search Engine Optimised URL's that appear as static HTML files, that contain Forum and Topic Names as part of the Friendly URL Page Name
  • Search Engine Optimised dynamic Page Titles
  • Dynamically created meta descriptions and keywords for Topics using the content of the Members Posts
  • Dynamically created meta descriptions and keywords using the Forum Name and Description
  • Canonical meta tags for improved Search Engine Indexing and to prevent 'same content' indexing by search engines
  • Google Analytics - Built in support for Google Analytics.

Mobile Optimised View for Mobile Phones and Tablets
  • Simpler interface with larger text for easier viewing and reading on Mobile Phones and Tablets
  • Support for Safari Mobile, Opera Mobile, Dolphin and other Mobile Browsers
  • Support for SmartPhones and Tablets including iPhone, iTab, Google Android, Symbian, Blackberry and other mobile devices
  • Allows Mobile users to both view forums and posts easily as well as creating new topics and replies to posts

  • Installation and Upgrade Wizard for easy install/upgrades
  • AJAX Web 2.0 Interface for improved usability
  • Active Users List including location
  • Skins using Cascading Style sheets
  • Language file for easy conversion for non-English websites (comes with international English language file)
  • Forum Statistics
  • Dynamically created SEO meta tags for Title, Description, and Keywords
  • Friendly URLs (FURLs) - Dynamic URL's are rewritten as Friendly URL's for ease of use and improved Search Engine Indexing
    (Requires Helicon Tech ISAPI_Rewrite 3 Full or Microsoft IIS 7.0 URL Rewrite Module)
  • Full source code commented on each line for easy modification and customizations
  • Windows Authentication and Active Directory
  • On-line database creation tool for Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL versions

Member Features
Member Control Panel
  • Edit member profile
  • Private Messenger
  • Buddy List
  • File Manager for managing the member's file, image, and avatar uploads (uses Groups Permission system)
  • Email notification and subscriptions
  • Edit registration details
  • Forum preferences
  • Member FAQ/help files on how to use the forum

Member Profile
  • Community focused editable member profile
  • Member Avatar - Select from built in avatars, or upload or link to custom avatars
  • Member Information - DOB, Age, Location, Homepage, Occupation, Interests, etc.
  • Contact information - Email, MSN, AIM, Yahoo, ICQ, Skype, etc.
  • Active Statistics - Online Status, Join Date, Last Visit, Number of Posts, etc.
  • Search for member's posts
  • Custom signature (Signatures can be disabled for Member Groups)
  • Admin and moderator comments within profile
  • Configuarble Registration and Profile items

Private Messaging System

  • WYSIWYG Private Message Writing Editor
  • BBcode support - For adding extra formatting and functionality to Private Messages
  • System notification when new Private Message received or when your Inbox is full
  • Optional email confirmation when recipient reads Private Message
  • Inbox with Read/Unread message icon so you can see which Private Messages you have read
  • Outbox with Read/Unread message icon so you can see when the recipient has read the Private Message
  • Admin configurable Private Message store size
  • Bar graph to show how full the Private Message store is
  • Anti-SPAM Flood Control - Number of private messages that can be sent per hour, per member
  • Server Session Pinging to keep the session alive while writing long Private Messages or stop to take a break
  • Private Messaging System can be enabled only for certain Groups if you do not want all Members to have Private Messaging

File and Image Upload Manager
  • Member Image and File Uploading with support for uploads up to 30MB in size
  • Built-in Member File Manager (uses Group Permission system)
  • Members can manage their own uploaded files, images and avatars
  • Built in File Browser for browsing member's upload folder
  • Member can view the amount of allocated upload space they have remaining
  • Preview files online or download files to your own computer
  • File details, including file name, file type and file size
  • Upload new files and images from your own computer with Progress Bar
  • Upload Progress Bar displays the percentage of files/images uploaded, estimated time left, transfer speed, and more (Progress Bar only available if using the Persists AspUpload 3 or above upload component)
  • Image Upload Resizing - Automatically resizes uploaded images over a configurable size.
  • Delete old files and images

Member Forum Preferences
  • WYSIWYG Post Writing Editor options
  • Time and Date format
  • Time offset from that set by the Forum Admin - Time can be set to the member's own time locale
  • Email notification and subscriptions
  • Show/hide email address
  • Automatic login preference
  • Signature Editor with BBcode support and preview option
  • Choose whether to attach signature to message

  • Password changes require current password
  • Email changes require email activation if this option is enabled by the Forum Admin
  • Login requires Security Code Image confirmation after the 3rd unsuccessful login attempt - Prevents brute force password hacking
  • Terms of Conditions of use agreement

Admin Control Panel Features
Forum Administration
  • Create, Edit or Delete unlimited number of Categories, Forums and Sub-forums
  • Arrange the order of Categories, Forums and Sub-forums
  • Forum Options - Description, Locked, Passwords, Permissions, etc.
  • Forum Ads - Support for 3rd Party Ads including Google Adsense and VigLink

Full Moderation

  • Full Moderation - Topics and Posts are only displayed after a moderator or admin approves them (optional)
  • Moderators can hide suspect Topics and Posts from other members
  • Admin and Moderator email notification of Topics and Posts waiting approval
  • Unlimited moderator Groups and Members
  • Moderator permissions - Moderators can Edit and Delete Topics and Posts, and can also suspend members
  • Moderate member’s uploads: view, download and delete using the built-in File Manager
  • Unlimited forum admins
  • Email activation of new members
  • Admin activation of new members
  • Disable Hyperlinks and Images for certain Groups

Group and Member Administration

  • Create, Edit and Delete Groups
  • Group options - Group Name, Group Icon, New Member Group, Permissions, etc.
  • Optional Multiple Group Ladder System
  • Permission system, based on member, member group or forums
  • Add new members and change member names
  • Suspend new member registration
  • Member banning (based on member name, email address, email domain and IP address)

File, Image, and Avatar Upload Tools and Configuration
  • Set up a secure upload system for your members
  • Select which Groups have File or Image Upload permissions
  • Enable Avatar Uploading for Registered members
  • Select 'Safe Files Types' that your members can upload - Built-in protection prevents accidental granting of permission to upload 'unsafe' file types
  • Set maximum file, image and avatar sizes permitted to be uploaded (max size 30MB per file/image)
  • Set the amount of allocated file space each member has available to them for uploads
  • Manage your member's uploads using the built-in File Manager
  • Support for AspUpload, Dundas Upload, SA FileUp, aspSmartUpload and AspSimpleUpload

Forum Log Files

  • Text based Log Files can be configured to record errors and log actions of Admin's, Moderators and Members
  • Log file contains Date/Time, IP, Member Name, Action taking/Error Message
  • Select what actions you want recorded in log files
  • Log Admin and Moderator Actions - find out which moderator deleted a Topic/Post
  • Log Topic/Post Deletion, Hiding, Moving, Editing, etc.
  • Log new registrations including date/time and IP address
  • Records server error messages
  • Log file location can be configured outside of website root for improved security
  • New Log File created for each day using the format, 'wwf_year-month-day.log'

Forum Maintenance
  • Batch lock topics
  • Batch delete topics and posts
  • Batch move topics and posts
  • Batch delete Private Messages
  • Batch delete non-posting members and inactive member accounts

Import Tools
  • Import members from other database, including other forum systems, CMS, portals, etc.

  • Forum skin configuration
  • Forum statistics
  • Date and Time settings and formats
  • Bad Word Filter configuration
  • Configurable Anti-SPAM flood control
  • Email Configuration and SMTP authentication - Support for Microsoft's CDONTS and CDOSYS, JMail, AspEmail and AspMail components
  • Set Permissions and Configure Image, File, and Avatar Uploading - Supports uploads up to 30MB
  • IP Address Banning
  • Email Address and Email Domain banning
  • Check for updates tool

*Please Note:
Some of the features listed above require additional components, filters, or modules installed on the web server. Please see the System Requirements page for more details.
Items listed as 'New' are new features to Web Wiz Forums 11.x

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