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Hosting Control Panel Enable Let's Encrypt free SSL your Web Site

This article shows you how to install a Let's Encrypt free SSL Certificate on your Web Site from the Hosting Control Panel.

Let's Encrypt certificates require an automated process through their API to renew the certificate every ten weeks. This has been known to fail occasionally, causing outages to websites. Web Wiz recommends paid SSL certificates for business and essential websites. Our support staff manually install and check these and are consequently more reliable. Please get in touch with Web Wiz Support for further information.

Warning IMPORTANT: Let's Encrypt will need to validate that the website is hosted here. To do this, they will connect over HTTP port 80 to each domain you include in the SSL certificate request. Before you start, please make sure that all domains point at the website here.

If you are using a CDN service, you will need to disable any HTTPS redirect. With Cloudflare, this is known as 'Always Use HTTPS'. Once the Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate is installed, you can configure an HTTP to HTTPS Redirect in your website settings here.

1. Log into your Hosting Control Panel.

2. Click Web Sites icon option

Hosting Spaces Web Sites Icon

3. Click on the website that you wish to enabled Web Deploy for

Select Website

4. Select the SSL Tab


5. From the SSL tab click Install free certificate from Let's Encrypt

Web Deploy Settings

6. Except the Terms and Conditions, then Select from the drop down the hostname for the SSL Certificates. If you also want to include any Domains Pointers in the SSL Certificate select the check boxes for each Domain Pointer

Install SSL Certificate

7.Click Create and install Let's Encrypt certificate

Install SSL Certificate

8. You should now see a page that shows the Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate is installed. When you go to your web site you will now be able to use HTTPS:// in your web browser to view the secure version of your web site

SSL Certificate successfully installed

9. Once you have added the SSL Certificate to your website to make your website show the secure encrypted version of your website see Redirect HTTP to HTTPS.

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