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This page has information on installing WordPress from the Microsoft Web App Gallery in the MSPControl Panel.

IMPORTANT: We strongly advise against installing WordPress on an existing website as the install process may delete the contents of the existing website or cause conflicts. Instead, Create a new website

1. Log into your Hosting Control Panel.

2. You will first need to create a new web site on to which you wish to install WordPress, please see Creating a new web site.

3. After your web site has been set up and you can see your holding page (either from your domain or your temporary domain), you will need to enable write permissions for WordPress to install successfully.

4. Navigate to the Web App Gallery.

Web App Gallery Menu Item

5. Search for WordPress and click Install. A new page will open for you to install Wordpress on your web site.

Web App Gallery Search

6. Select the Web Site you wish to install WordPress onto.

web app gallery

7. Leave the option for Application Name blank. This is only used for expert installations.

8. For the Database type select MySQL.

WordPress Database

9. You have the option to create a new database or to use an existing database. In most cases, you should Create a new database unless you have a database you already wish to use.

IMPORTANT: If you are using an existing database, it must be blank, as WordPress will overwrite data that already exists in the database.

WordPress Database

10. Type in Database Name and Database User Name, this MUST be unique, between 8 and 15 characters and not contain spaces, underscores and hyphens, so please choose Names that have not been chosen by another customer. You will also need to use a Strong Password for the database.

Database Details

11. Next, we need to set up all of the Authentication Keys for your WordPress installation. WordPress uses these keys to keep your WordPress secure by using salts and hashes. Keeping each key different, we recommend using a random password generator and using at least 16 characters for each one.

Authentication Keys

12. Click install, for WordPress to be installed to your web site.

WordPress Intall

13. Please navigate in a web browser to the location on your web site where you have installed WordPress. You will then be meet by options to complete the installation of WordPress.

14. Select the language for Wordpress and select Continue.

WordPress Select Language

15. Complete the form proving the details of your WordPress a website, once the form is completed click Install WordPress.

WordPress Site Details

15. Now that you are finished installing WordPress, to ensure it is as secure as possible, you should disable write permissions for your web site. This should only need to be turned back on when making changes to your WordPress web site.

16. That's all there is to it! You should be able to access your shiny new WordPress installation by navigating to http://www.example.com/wp-admin


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