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Sending Email From Your Website

This page has information on sending emails from an application or script on your website.

I wish to send Transactional Website Email

If you are looking to send Transactional Emails (automated emails) from your websites such as Newsletters, Group Emails, Member Emails, and Bulk Emails take a look at our Sending Transactional Email Page.

I wish to use other providers SMTP Service

You can send email from your website using the SMTP Service of another provider. To prevent abuse of our network, you must send the email on SMTP Authentication Port 587.

I wish to use Web Wiz SMTP Service

If you wish to send emails from your website using the Web Wiz SMTP Service, you first need to Create a Mailbox from your Hosting Control Panel.

Once the mailbox is created use the SMTP Service details below to send email from your website.

SMTP Server Authentication Settings

SMTP Server smtp.WebSiteLive.net
SMTP Submission Port
587 - Used for unencrypted and encrypted TLS/SSL connection to mail servers
'From' email address This must be the email address of a mailbox created in your Control Panel
Authentication Username This is the email address that you are using as the 'from' email address
Authentication Password This is the password of the mailbox above as set in your Control Panel

Reply-To Address

The 'From' address for the email would need to be the same as the email address you are using for the 'Authentication Username'. In some circumstances, such as with a 'Contact Us' form, you may wish to use the visitor's address when replying to the email, for this you would need to set a 'Reply-To' header in the email sent from the website.

Protecting your website from Spambots

Spambots are often automatically complete forms on websites to try and trigger the website to send unsolicited email, which is often reported as spam. Spammers target websites as the emails they send are authenticated with your providers' mail servers

Please make sure that your website forms are protected from spambots. Google reCAPTCHA uses AI and is one of the better solutions to deal with spambots;

Example Scripts for sending email from websites

We have created several example scripts you can find below with examples of how to send emails from websites in different web technologies.

Use the System.Net.Mail Class to send email from ASP.NET Applications. The following page has an Example of using ASP.NET to send email.

Classic ASP
We have Microsoft CDOSYS, Persist AspEmail and Damic JMail Pro installed on the servers for sending email from an ASP Application using SMTP Authentication. The following page has an Example of using CDOSYS to send email from Classic ASP.

For sending emails from PHP Scripts you can use Pear Mail using SMTP Authentication or Swift Mailer using SMTP Authentication. The following page has an Example of using SwiftMailer to send email from PHP.

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