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Web Wiz Forums Release Notes

Web Wiz NewsPad Release Notes
The following sections list many of the changes in the latest releases of Web Wiz Forums.

Version 11.10 (21st March 2017)

1. includes/version_inc.asp - updated version number
2. functions/functions_send_mail.asp - updated email sending function
3. functions/functions_filters.asp - fixed an issue that a change in encoding for the posts page in 11.08 caused <br> line break to not correctly be detected causing searches to crash
4. functions/functions_format_post.asp - added additional error handling to the word highlighter
5. search_results_posts.asp - fixed issue where search highlighter was running twice

Version 11.09 (16th March 2017)

1. includes/version_inc.asp - updated version number
2. default.asp - fixed HMTL markup - Thanks to IanSmithISA
3. includes/status_bar_header_inc.asp - Fixed error that meant custom ads did not display on SSL enabled forums

Version 11.08 (23rd February 2017)

1. includes/version_inc.asp - updated version number
2. default.asp - improved performance
3. forum_topics.asp - improved performance
4. active_topics.asp - improved performance
5. search_results_topics.asp - improved performance
6. new_post.asp - fixed the display of UK Sterling Pound Sign in subjects
7. functions/functions_format_post.asp - fixed the display of UK Sterling Pound Sign in forum posts
8. functions/functions_filters.asp - same as above
9. edit_post.asp - same as above
10. setup_database_connection.asp - updated to add support for myODBC 5.2 and 5.3 Database Drivers
11. setup_database_connection.asp - Added support for Access ACE driver
12. setup_db_con_test.asp - Updated to test new database settings
13. database/database_connection.asp - Updated to support new database settings
14. database/database_settings.asp - Updated to support new database settings
15. functions/functions_common.asp - Updated SSL/TLS switching function
16. admin_web_wiz_forums_settings.asp - changed the wording for the section on enabling SSL/TLS
17. admin_update_check.asp - updated the wording for displaying the edition
18. includes/global_variables_inc.asp - Changed so that if SSL enabled all pages are now SSL/TLS
19. edit_post.asp - Increased the maximum size of a edited posted message
20. new _post.asp - updated email notifications to allow detection via Google Analytics of how many members click on links in email notifications (Type=EmailNotification)
21. show_post.asp - same as above
22. register.asp - updated to allow detection via Google Analytics of new users activating accounts via email (Type=NewMember) and reactivating accounts (Type=MemberReactivate)
23. resend_email_activation.asp - same as above
24. web.config - updated to add HttpOnly for Cookies for additional security
25. admin_email_test.asp - Fixed; Page load would fail to complete on TLS enabled websites on Windows Server 2016
26. admin_server_test.asp - updated AJAX call to IP Country Lookup API to use SSL/TLS
27. functions/functions_common.asp - updated AJAX call to IP Country Lookup API to use SSL/TLS
28. forum_posts.asp - updated to improve support for SSL/TLS
29. functions/functions_filters.asp - improvements to SEO page URLs
30. includes/login_form_inc.asp - updates to the options for login for usage terms
31. forum_posts.asp - file encoding changed to ASCII the same as other files to fix page encoding errors
32. register.asp - updated avatars for when SSL/TLS is enabled on the forum
33. forum_posts.asp - links to external Avatars that use HTTP do not display when SSL/TLS is enabled on the forum
34. admin_change_admin_username.asp - corrected error message regarding complex passwords
35. RTE_textarea.asp - fixed bug that would display random characters in an empty Rich Text Editor when using Chrome
36. new_post.asp - same as above
37. RTE_popup_preview.asp - same as above
38. admin_select_members.asp - added a new option to allowing searching for members within a forum group
39. members.asp - added a new option to allowing searching for members within a forum group
40. functions/functions_format_post.asp - add new function for new Spoiler BBCode [SPOILER][/SPOILER]
41. forum_posts.asp - updated to support new Spoiler BBCode
42. RTE_popup_preview.asp - same as above
43. new_reply_form.asp - same as above
44. pm_message.asp - same as above
45. printer_friendly_posts.asp - same as above
46. RSS_post_feed.asp - updated to support Spoiler BBCode to display the same as a Quote as the 'show' and 'hide' is not supported by RSS Feeds
47. RSS_topic_feed.asp - same as above
48. language_files/language_file_inc.asp - added new text to support new features
49. forum_images/spoiler.png - new image for spoiler BBCode block
50. BBcodes.asp - page updated with information on new Spoiler BBCode
51. admin_select_members.asp - add new feature to search for members by location

Version 11.07 (6th October 2016)

1. includes/version_inc.asp - updated version number
2. functions/functions_filters.asp - fixed error that would cause a crash if posting a long HTML message that had been trimmed
3. RTE_popup_preview.asp - updated Post Preview Window in order it is formatted the same as when posted
4. new_post.asp - increased the maximum size of a posted message
5. admin_ads_settings.asp - corrected issue that caused some ad blockers to block form fields from displaying
6. default.asp - first unread post and last post link now takes you to the first unread post or last post. Previously some browsers would cache the link causing subsequent clicks on the link to go to the cached location
7. forum_topics.asp - same as above
8. active_topics.asp - same as above
9. pre_approved_topics.asp - same as above
10. search_results_topics.asp - same as above

Version 11.06 (25th July 2016)

1. includes/version_inc.asp - updated version number
2. admin_upload_configure.asp - fixed image resize bug that would not allow a setting of 600 pixels and increased max image sizes available
3. functions/functions_session_data.asp - fixed error that would cause errors on new installs of Web Wiz Forums
4. new_post.asp - fixed bug that would prevent new topics being saved if a previous new topic save was not completed

Version 11.05 (25th May 2016)

1. includes/version_inc.asp - updated version number
2. forum_posts.asp - fixed bug that would not allow forum members that are not admins or moderators settings answer posts
3. AspUpload_ProgressBar.asp - fixed bug that would not display progress bar when uploading files
4. AspUpload_ProgressBar_Frame.asp - fixed bug that would not display progress bar when uploading files
5. functions/functions_upload.asp - renames IOS image uploads with appended time stamp which would otherwise all have the same name 'image.jpeg'
6. forum_posts.asp - fixed issue with beaching for certain keywords that contained dots
7. functions/functions_common.asp - Added support for Windows 10 Mobile
8. functions/functions_filters.asp - Improved security filters for HTML5
9. functions/functions_upload.asp - improved security scan of uploaded files to reduce false positives
10. functions/unsafe_upload_content_inc.asp - updated list of unsafe upload content for security scan of uploaded files
11. functions/functions_common.asp - disable RTE for Microsoft Edge as it does not support the JavaScript window.opener method
12. functions/functions_upload.asp - added new feature to allow duplicate files and images to be renamed
13. admin_upload_configure.asp - added new option to enable/disable the renaming of duplicate uploaded files and images
14. includes/global_variables_inc.asp - updated to add support for new settings
15. functions/functions_send_mail.asp - updated to add support for encoding in the email subject when using Persists AspEmail - Thanks to rune
16. register.asp - fixed bug that prevented duplicate email check from running if Admin Activation of new accounts was enabled
17. forum_topics.asp - improved formatting for mobile version
18. forum_posts.asp - same as above
19. common.asp - added switch for testing purposes
20. register.asp fixed bug that would prevent registering on forum when using a mobile browser
21. RTE_javascript.asp - improved formatting for mobile view
22. non_RTE_javascript.asp - same as above
23. includes/status_bar_header_inc.asp - improved formatting for mobile version
24. css_styles/..../mobile_default_style.css - updated all Mobile CSS Style Sheets for improved mobile view
25. includes/global_variables_inc.asp - add new variables for duplicate upload file check and converting text links to hyperlinks
26. admin_post_topic_configure.asp - add option to enable Text to Hyperlinks
27. functions/functions_format_post.asp - add new function to convert text links to hyperlinks and updated post formatting functions
28. RTE_popup_preview.asp - updated to convert text links to hyperlinks
29. new_post.asp - same as above
30. edit_posts.asp - same as above
31. pm_new_message.asp - same as above
32. admin.asp - updated to add new text when in demo mode
33. forum_topics.asp - fixed bug that would not display all topics when viewing on a mobile device
34. RTE_file_browser.asp - fixed performance bug when forum members has a large number of files/images in their upload folder

Version 11.04 (6th August 2015)

1. includes/version_inc.asp - updated version number
2. functions/functions_common.asp - detects Windows 10 and Microsofts Edge Browser (Spartun) for Active Users section
3. report_post.asp - fixed bug that would cause crash when viewing in mobile device and improved SEO
4. search_results_posts.asp - fixed bug that would cause crash if members IP address was unknown
5. admin_post_topic_configure.asp - updated to add new feature that allows forum members to set the anwser post in topics
6. forum_posts.asp - same as above
7. answer_posts.asp - same as above
8. register.asp - fixed bug that would not check for strong passwords for new registrations when Enforce Password Complexity is enabled
9. functions/functions_common.asp - Password Complexity function now includes check for Non-Alphanumeric Symbol
10. admin_registration_settings.asp - Updated wording to include that Enforce Password Complexity now includes Non-Alphanumeric Symbol
11. language_files/language_file_inc.asp - Same as above
12. functions/functions_session_data.asp - updated session format in order to be more relaible when forum is under heavy load
13. functions/functions_upload - fixed vulnerability that allows scripting files to be uploaded when using Persists AspUpload

Version 11.03 (26th February 2015)

1. includes/version_inc.asp - updated version number
2. functions/functions_common.asp - added new function to get IPv6 /48 Network
3. functions/functions_session_data.asp - improvements for sessions for IPv6 and support for new session options
4. includes/global_variables_inc.asp - add new variables for new forum session options
5. admin_web_wiz_forums_settings.asp - added new options for changing the session timeout and disabling IP security for sessions

Version 11.02 (23rd January 2015)

1. includes/version_inc.asp - updated version number
2. default.asp - updated forum title
3. functions/functions_common.asp - added moz.com DotBot to client detection
4. functions/functions_edit_post.asp - improved post editing for hyperlinks
5. forum_topics.asp - increased table padding between topics to make easier reading
6. default.asp - same as above
7. latest_posts_inc.asp - fixed bug where not using CSS alternating row CSS Classes

The following has been updated to change the look to add more spacing
1. pm_outboox.asp
2. pm_inbox.asp
3. pm_welcome.asp
4. ajax_newspad_feed.asp
5. pm_message.asp
6. active_topics.asp
7. forum_posts.asp
8. search_results_posts.asp
9. search_results_topic.asp
10. includes/quick_reply_form_inc.asp
11. new_reply_form.asp
12. new_topic_form.asp
13. search_form.asp
14. calendar.asp
15. members.asp
16. help.asp
17. register.asp
18. member_profile.asp
19. spam_cleaner.asp
20. member_control_panel.asp
21. email_notify_subscriptions.asp
22. includes/login_form_inc.asp
22. login_ser_test.asp
23. forum_terms.asp

Version 11.01 (10th September 2014)

1. includes/version_inc.asp - updated version number
2. setup_db.asp - added additional security
3. admin_skin_configure.asp - updated skin options
4. includes/setup_options_inc.asp - added new setup options
5. includes/global_variables_inc.asp - updated to support new setup options
6. includes/quick_reply_form_inc.asp - fixed badly formatted HTML
7. admin_ads_settings.asp - updated to add option to disable VigLink
8. forum_posts.asp - updated to allow disabling of VigLink Ads
9. pm_message.asp - updated to allow disabling of VigLink Ads

Version 11.0 (2nd September 2014)

1. includes/version_inc.asp - updated version number
2. functions/functions_common.asp - updates to IP country lookup
3. admin_server_test.asp - updated IP country lookup test
4. login_user.asp - updated to add IP blocking support to the login
5. register.asp - improved password security
6. forum_posts.asp - removed author homepage link to reduce the likelihood of link spammers posting
7. new_post.asp - removed tabs from subject that can break URL Rewriting
8. edit_post.asp - same as above
9. pm_new_message.asp - same as above
10. functions/functions_edit_post.asp - fixed bug that would not convert HTML images and URL's in to BBCode
11. RTE_popup_movie_preview.asp - updated to support new YouTube HTTPS URL's.
12. RTE_popup_movie.asp - updated to support new YouTube HTTPS URL's.
13. functions_format_post.asp - updated to support new YouTube HTTPS URL's.
14. RTE_configuration/RTE_setup.asp - updated to Web Wiz RTE 4.15wwf
15. web_wiz_forums.asp - removed file
16. web_wiz_forums.asp - updated to remove old redirect
17. includes/admin_index_inc.asp - remove outdated links
18. default.asp - updated to add link configuration
19. forum_post.asp - updated to increase the IP address size saved for larger IPv6 address
20. edit_post.asp - same as above
21. functions/functions_common.asp - altered getIP() function for longer IPv6 addresses

The following files have been updated to remove free version limitations
1. admin_ads_settings.asp
2. admin_calendar_configure.asp
3. admin_chat_room_settings.asp
4. admin_registration_settings.asp
5. admin_upload_configure.asp
6. calendar.asp
7. calendar_week.asp
8. calendar_year.asp
9. forum_posts.asp
10. includes/status_bar_header_inc.asp
11. includes/global_variables_inc.asp

Database Changes
New fields:-
1. IP_addr - Alter Table to char 50

Version 10.18 (10th April 2014)

1. includes/version_inc.asp - updated version number
2. functions/functions_common.asp - updated to add detection for Windows RT
3. functions/functions_date_time_format.asp - fixed incorrect minute off-set in times between 1 hour and 24 hours - Thanks to Scotty32
4. forum_posts.asp - fixed incorrect formatting of YouTube in signatures - Thanks to Scotty32
5. admin_select_members.asp - fixed bug that prevented the ordering of members by their IP address
6. functions/functions_format_post.asp - updated URL BBcode - Thanks to Jagoop
7. register.asp - updated to add CAPTCHA for new registrations and IP country blocking
8. includes/global_variables_inc.asp - added new variables
9. admin_registration_settings.asp - added option to enable CAPTCHA for new registrations
10. functions/functions_filters.asp - updated email address validation to strip dots from GMail address used by spammers to register multiple times with the same email address
12. members.asp - only admins and moderators can see accounts that have not been activated or are suspended
13. default.asp - suspended accounts and those not activated are no longer shown in the forum statistics
14. admin_email_notify_configure.asp - added options for CDOSYS SSL/TLS and Persists AspEmail TLS email encryption
15. functions/functions_send_mail.asp - updatded to add support for CDOSYS SSL/TLS and Persists AspEmail TLS email encryption
16. includes/ISO_country_list_inc.asp - noew file with list of ISO country codes and country names
17. admin_ip_blocking.asp - updated to run checks to see if IP is already in block list
18. pop_up_IP_blocking.asp - same as above
19. admin_registration_country_blocking.asp - new file to create an IP country block list for new registrations
20. admin_server_test.asp - add adtional test to check that IP to country server can be connected to
21. language_files/language_file_inc.asp - updated to include text for new version
22. includes/admin_index_inc.asp - added link to new IP country blocking page
23. admin_index_inc.asp - same as above
24. functions/functions_common.asp - added new function for checking country location of IP addresses
25. member_profile.asp - displays to the admin and moderators the country location of the last IP used by a member

Updated to support IE 11
1. functions/functions_common.asp
2. edit_post_form.asp
3. new_poll_form.asp
4. new_reply_form.asp
5. new_topic_form.asp
6. pm_new_message_form.asp
7. forum_posts.asp

Version 10.17 (1st November 2013)

1. includes/version_inc.asp - updated version number
2. register.asp - fixed bug that required passwords to be re-entered when updating forum profiles if complex passwords are enabled
3. quick_search.asp - added additional error handling
4. functions/functions_common.asp - updated to add support for IE 11 in the Rich Text Editor and detection of Windows 8.1

Version 10.16 (16th July 2013)

1. includes/version_inc.asp - updated version number
2. functions/functions_upload.asp - Persists AspUpload 3 support updated to include support for UTF-8 uploads
3. printer_friendly_posts.asp - fixed bug that would cause page not to load if a member has a Null value in the database for their signature
4. non_RTE_upload_images.asp - fixed bug that prevented images being uploaded in Private Messages
5. functions/functions_edit_post.asp - fixed bug that would not correctly convert font colours to BBcode for editing posts
6. admin_upload_configure.asp - updated to fix crash when you set the upload folder size to above 50GB or above
7. includes/global_variables_inc.asp - same as above
8. CAPTCHA_image.asp - updated to Web Wiz CAPTCHA 4.03

Version 10.15 (11th March 2013)

1. includes/version_inc.asp - updated version number
2. functions/functions_common.asp - fixed Internet Explorer 10 detection
3. functions/functions_format_post.asp - updated YouTube video play back for improvements with IE 10 and other mobile devices
4. pm_new_message.asp - fixed bug that prevented admins receiving unlimited Private Messages
5. functions/functions_format_post.asp - fixed YouTube videos not displaying due to changes in YouTubes video embedding format
6. functions/functions_common.asp - updated StopForumsSpam function for more accurate detection of known spammers
7. register.asp - updated to work with updated StopForumSpam function
8. admin_stopforumspam.asp - changed the text StopForumsSpam Admin Page to reflect changes to the way known spammers are detected
9. RSS_topic_feed.asp - improvments for non ASCII charactersets
10. RSS_post_feed.asp - same as above
11. RSS_calendar_feed.asp - same as above
12. forum_posts.asp - fixed bug that would cause a crash if the IP address field is Null
13. member_profile.asp - same as above

Version 10.14 (4th December 2012)

1. includes/version_inc.asp - updated version number
2. RTE_textarea.asp - now places ASCII Start of Text charcater in to Rich Text Editing area to fix Firefox 17 non carrot display bug
3. new_post.asp - updatd to remove ASCII Start of Text charcater from being included in post and improved emmpty post check
4. functions/functions_common.asp - fixed Internet Explorer detection on servers that using Russian locale

Version 10.13 (29th November 2012)

1. includes/version_inc.asp - updated version number
2. functions/functions_format_post.asp - updated YouTube video to use YouTube's newer IFrame format for inserting YouTube in to forum posts
3. forum_posts.asp - Social Networking Sharing now links to the forum topic and not a page within the topic
4. includes/RTE_quick_reply_toolbar_inc.asp - fixed spell check button that should only appear if using Internet Explorer
5. RTE_configuration/RTE_setup.asp - updated to Web Wiz RTE version 4.10wwf
6. functions/functions_common.asp - updated to support Firefox 17, Opera Mobile and Firefox Mobile

Version 10.12 (23rd August 2012)

1. includes/version_inc.asp - updated version number
2. default.asp - fixed link to Cookie Privacy Notice for forums not using URL Rewriting
3. setup_db/msSQL_server_9x_update.asp - updated to upgrade tblThread table in two parts to reduce the likelihood of timeouts on larger database upgrades
4. includes/latest_posts_inc.asp - changed format of latest posts displayed on forum index page
5. admin_user_settings.asp - fixed page formatting error
6. members.asp - Points column now displays Point Count and not Post Count (thanks to Roberto iSec)
7. admin_server_test.asp - updated to support changes to the StopForumSpam API
8. spam_cleaner.asp - updated to inform user that details have been submitted to StopForumSpam
9. language_files/language_file_inc.asp - updated to include text for new version
10. register.asp - updated to fix bug new registration logging bug that would crash the registration if logging is enabled and registrant is found in stopforumspan database
11. includes/browser_page_encoding_inc.asp - fixed spelling mistake in function name
12. functions/functions_common.asp - same as above
13. new_post.asp - fixed issue that would cause a crash with some IPv6 addresses when posting new topics
14. admin_seo_settings.asp - updated documentation on various SEO options
15. admin_web_wiz_forums_settings.asp - updated documentation on enabling SSL support to warn not to enable unless the website supports SSL or you may not be able to log back in to the forum
16. HttpAPI.asp - fixed bug that meant some API calls resulted in server errors
17. functions/functions_common.asp - add Windows 8/Server 2012 to list of OS's identified in Active Users list
18. RTE_configuration/RTE_setup.asp - updated to Web Wiz RTE version 4.09wwf
19. functions/functions_common.asp - now correctly identified Internet Explorer 10

The following files have been updated to allow the RTE Editor to fully function when using SSL

1. RTE_popup_emoticons.asp
2. RTE_popup_word_paste.asp
3. RTE_popup_link.asp
4. RTE_popup_file_atch.asp
5. RTE_file_browser.asp
6. RTE_popup_link_preview.asp
7. RTE_popup_adv_image.asp
8. RTE_popup_image_preview.asp
9. RTE_popup_movie.asp
10. RTE_popup_special_characters.asp
11. RTE_popup_table.asp
12. RTE_popup_preview.asp

Version 10.11 (13th April 2012)

1. includes/version_inc.asp - updated version number
2. functions/functions_format_post.asp - removed old BBcodes Color format
3. functions/functions_login.asp - updated to remove CAPTCHA test when incorrect login attempts get above that set in the admin area
4. includes/chat_javascript.js - updated to increase the JavaScript array size for the Chat Room
5. register.asp - added server side validation for custom required fields in registrations and forum profiles
6. admin.asp - improved appearance
7. admin_pm_configure.asp - fixed bug that would only allow Private Message Inbox/Outbox Storage size of 5
8. functions/functions_filters.asp - updated to support local links not opening a new browser window
9. admin_post_topic_configure.asp - added option to enable or disable local links in the same browser window
10. includes/global_variables_inc.asp - updated to add new global variables
11. language_files/help_language_file_inc.asp - updated to include information on Cookies set by Web Wiz Forums
12. help.asp - updated FAQ page to display information on Cookies set by Web Wiz Forums to comply with EU Rules on Cookies
13. language_files/language_file_inc.asp - updated to include text for new version
14. default.asp - direct link added to Cookie Privacy Notice Web Wiz Forums forum homepage
15. includes/login_form_inc.asp - updated for improved compliance with EU and US law
16. register.asp - fixed bug that would not allow Registrations/Profiles to be submitted if blank custom fields are required
17. admin_registration_settings.asp - added further validation checks on custom fields

Version 10.10 beta (7th March 2012)

1. includes/version_inc.asp - updated version number
2. functions/functions_common.asp - updated browser detection
3. chat_server.asp - updated to not include chat history for new members entering the chat room
4. delete_topic.asp - fixed error that would occur if deleting a topic of a member with no point count
5. delete_post.asp - fixed error that would occur if deleting a post of a member with no point count
6. forum_posts.asp - fixed bug that would display IP addresses of members to moderators when the features was disabled for moderators
7. quick_topic_search.asp - fixed bug that meant Chrome was ignoring the line spacing pushing the advanced search off the bottom of the search drop down
8. quick_search.asp - same as above
9. admin_user_settings.asp - updated to prevent incorrectly setting forum profiles to be viewed by all on upgraded v10 forums
10. pm_message.asp - updated page to fix occasional database error when saving season items
11. admin_seo_settings.asp - updated text on how to enable URL Rewriting
12. search_process.asp - updated to support IP address displaying for returned results for admins
13. search_results_posts.asp - same as above
14. functions/functions_common.asp - updated to remove stop words from keywords (thanks to Roberto Randall)
15. functions/functions_send_mail.asp - updated JMail 4 configuration for encoding emails (thanks to sectioni)
16. pm_new_message.asp - PM limits removed for all admin accounts, not just the built in super admin account
17. includes/pm_check_inc.asp - updated to prevent inbox full message for admin accounts that have no limits
18. pm_inbox.asp - now does not display bar graph at over 100% if the admin account has more PM's that is permitted
19. pm_outbox.asp - same as above
20. register.asp - updated to include more information in admin approval (vetting) emails for new accounts
21. language_files/language_file_inc.asp - updated to include text for new version
22. admin_update_check.asp - updated admin tool that checks for new releases
23. functions/functions_common.asp - added new StopForumSpam function
24. admin_stopforumspam.asp - new page to enable and view states for StopForumSpam spammer blocking
25. includes/global_variables_inc.asp - updated to read in new configuration items
26. functions/functions_common.asp - fixed bug with most active users ever feature
27. default.asp - updated spelling error within code variable
28. register.asp - updated to check new registrations again StopFourmSpam database
29. forum_posts.asp - updated to allow submitting of spammers to StopFourmSpams database
30. member_profile.asp - updated to allow suspended members to be submitted to StopFourmSpam database
31. admin_server_test.asp - added new test to test connection to StopFourmSpam servers
32. forum_posts.asp - updated Google +1 button code due to changes Google have made to code since it's launch
33. defualt.asp - updated to prevent changing category names in page URL's
34. forum_topics.asp - updated to prevent changing forum names in page URL's
35. forum_posts.asp - updated to prevent changing topic subject names in page URL's
36. web.config or .htccess - if you are using these files for URL Rewriting you should upgrade to the latest 1.8 version
37. functions/functions_common.asp - fixed bug that would mean members where incorrectly alerted to full Private Message In-boxes when their Inbox was empty
38. functions/functions_upload.asp - improvements to image resizing
39. setup_database_connection.asp - improvements made
40. forum_posts.asp - fixed bug that showed the 'Set Post as Answer' to moderators, when the feature was disabled
41. HttpAPI.asp - updated to version 2.0 which now returns additional information
42. admin_registration_settings.asp - updated to add new option to redirect to another page if registrations are suspended
43. registration_rules.asp - updated to add redirect to another page if registrations are suspended
44. admin_web_wiz_forums_settings.asp - increased size allowed for forum path and website address
45. functions/functions_format_post.asp - updated to strip out JavaScript code injected in to web pages by BitDefender
46. ajax_topic_share.asp - updated to remove Google Buzz, which has been dropped by Google
47. active_users.asp - improved display of Search Engines in the Active Users list
48. spam_cleaner.asp - new file to remove spammer from forum
49. language_files/admin_language_file_inc.asp - add new text for spam cleaner page
50. functions/functions_format_post.asp - updated BBCode for Regular Expressions (thanks to Gullanian)
51. BBcodes.asp - updated example domains
52. functions/functions_common.asp - improvements to performance for Banned IP's
53. admin_web_wiz_forums_settings.asp - added new option to enable compliance with EU Cookie Directive
54. functions/functions_format_post.asp - updated YouTube videos to not use cookies by using www.youtube-nocookie.com to comply with EU Cookie Directive
55. common.asp - updated to not set Cookies for 'Last Visit Date' and 'Mobile View Preferences' for non members to comply with EU Cookie Directive
56. admin_registration_settings.asp - updated text from 'Registration Rules' to 'Forum Rules' as now also used when logging in to the forum
57. default.asp - updated to now not display quick login if EU Cookie Directive is enabled
58. mark_posts_as_read.asp - updated to not set cookie if EU Cookie Directive compliance is enabled and not a logged in member
59. forum_terms.asp - new file to replace registration_rules.asp
60. registration_rules.asp - file removed
61. status_bar_header_inc.asp - updated to link to new registration terms page
62. includes/login_form_inc.asp - members now have to accept the forums terms when logging in
63. login_user.asp - updated security filters for redirect
64. functions/functions_date_time_format.asp - updated to show the number of hours and minutes for dates within 24 hours
65. admin_date_time_configure.asp - updated wording for showing 'today' in bold, to the 'last 24 hours' in bold
66. includes/latest_posts_inc.asp - updated to remove repeat topics from the list of last posts
67. poll_cast_vote.asp - updated to not set cookie if EU Cookie Directive compliance is enabled and not a logged in member
68. RTE_popup_adv_image.asp - decreased size of Preview URL Textbox to prevent formatting issues on some browsers
69. forum_password_form.asp - fixed bug that prevented login to password protected forums
70. members.asp - updated to replace Posts with Points in the member table
71. includes/global_variables_inc.asp - updated to change error handling to prevent default values being loaded when delay in SQL Server starting
80. forum_posts.asp - increased the size of the Facebook Like button to 130px (thanks to AllMor)
81. functions/functions_filters.asp - fixed bug that meant that under some circumstances canonical URL's where not lower case
82. regsiter.asp - removed CAPTCHA as using more advanced techniques for bot prevention
83. includes/login_form_inc.asp - updated form security
84. pm_new_message.asp - sets value for Post_read to prevent issues with databases where default values are not correctly set
85. admin.asp - updated security
86. login_user.asp - changed the login method for improved for simpler login
87. default.asp - removed quick login due to performance issues with security system for login when applied to quick login form
88. forgotten_password.asp - updated to improve security
89. admin_user_settings.asp - updated features available for the admin to set

The following files are updated to support SSL
1. admin_web_wiz_forums_settings.asp
2. functions/functions_common.asp
3. includes/browser_page_encoding_inc.asp
4. register.asp
5. registration_rules.asp
6. login_user.asp
7. login_user_test.asp
8. register_confirm.asp
9. admin.asp
10. admin_common.asp
11. pm_welcome.asp
12. pm_buddy_list.asp
13. pm_inbox.asp
14. pm_message.asp
15. pm_new_message.asp
16. pm_new_message_form.asp
17. pm_outbox.asp
18. email_notify_subscriptions.asp
19. member_control_panel.asp
20. member_profile.asp
21. forgotten_password.asp
22. forum_password_form.asp
23. default.asp
24. new_topic_form.asp
25. email_messenger.asp
26. insufficient_permission.asp
27. members.asp
28. new_poll_form.asp
29. new_reply_form.asp
30. report_post.asp
31. includes/login_form_inc.asp
32. RSS_topic_feed.asp
33. RSS_post_feed.asp
34. RSS_calendar_feed.asp
35. pop_up_member_search.asp
36. pop_up_IP_blocking.asp
37. pop_up_topic_admin.asp
38. delete_topic.asp
39. active_users.asp

Version 10.03 (30th August 2011)

1. includes/version_inc.asp - updated version number
2. functions/functions_session_data.asp - updated to increase the length of the XID key
3. register.asp - increased security against spam bots
4. registration_rules.asp - updated to support new data used for the registration page

Version 10.02a (26th August 2011)

(only available to Web Wiz Hosting customers - www.webwizforums.com/forum-hosting)
1. includes/version_inc.asp - updated version number
2. register.asp - added further validation checks
3. CAPTCHA_image.asp - increased noise levels to make it harder for bots to read
4. registration_rules.asp - updated to add in new form fields for new registrations
5. functions/functions_session_data.asp - fixed bug that would cause crash when creating a new session with localhost IPv4 address

Version 10.02 (23rd August 2011)

1. includes/version_inc.asp - updated version number
2. HttpAPI.asp - updated to support case sensitive passwords
3. chat_server.asp - improved character support
4. activate.asp - fixed bug that can cause database error if the most ever users needs to be updated
5. admin_user_settings.asp - updated to add new feature to select who can view forum profiles
6. includes/global_variables_inc.asp - updated to read in configuration item for who can view member profiles
7. member_profile.asp - updated to control who can view the member profiles
8. ajax_post_thanks.asp - fixed bug where member points count was not updated when the member was thanked
9. functions/functions_session_data.asp - changed to new session ID format
10. functions/functions_format_post.asp - fixed bug that would cause broken links with empty URL BBcodes (thanks to Gullanian)
11. pm_delete_message.asp - fixed bug in mySQL version that would remove all Private Messages from inboxes
12. rate_topic.asp - fixed bug in mySQL version that would set all topic ratings that are presently 0 to the same as the topic being voted
13. RSS_topic_feed.asp - fixed issue that meant some RSS Readers had issues reading the feed
14. RSS_calendar_feed.asp - same as above
15. RSS_calendar_feed.asp - same as above
16. forum_posts.asp - Answer Posts shown at top of Topic are now disabled when the order of Topic Posts are reversed to prevent formatting errors
17. functions/functions_member_API.asp - improved member API to correctly save passwords
18. includes/latest_posts_inc.asp - updated to fix formatting display colours
19. language_files/language_file_inc.asp - added new text for 10.02
20. active_users.asp - updated to show number of active search robots separate to active guests
21. default.asp - same as above
22. includes/message_form_inc.asp - increased server ping time which was incorrectly set and separate XSFR checking from session pinging
23. includes/quick_reply_form_inc.asp - same as above
24. ajax_session_alive.asp - updated to separate XSFR checking from session pinging to reduce the chance of form submission errors when posting
25. forum_posts.asp - updated javascript to check session is still valid after session ping
26. new_poll_form.asp - same as above
27. new_topic_form.asp - same as above
28. new_reply_form.asp - same as above
29. pm_new_message_form.asp - same as above
30. functions/functions_session_data.asp - updated to support sessions from IPv6 clients
31. new_post.asp - updated to support IPv6 address
32. edit_post.asp - same as above
33. admin_user_settings.asp - added option to select who can view member profiles
34. includes/global_variables_inc.asp - updated to read in configuration item for selecting who can read forum profiles
35. member_profile.asp - updated to support option for selecting who can view forum profiles

Version 10.01 (1st July 2011)

1. includes/version_inc.asp - updated version number
2. includes/status_bar_header_inc.asp - fixed bug which meant that the logout link was not displayed if the memberlist was disabled (thanks to rjcarter)
3. RSS_topic_feed.asp - improved support for URL Rewriting
4. RSS_calendar_feed.asp - same as above
5. RSS_calendar_feed.asp - same as above
6. includes/message_form_inc.asp - fixed bug that meant members where not given the option to add signatures to new Topics or Polls
7. functions/function_login.asp - updated for improved password compatibility with older versions
8. web.config - the web.config for URL Rewriting has been removed as IIS 7 servers without IIS 7 Rewrite Mod installed crash
The URL Rewrite for SEO Friendly URL's can be downloaded as a separate download from www.webwizforums.com/download
9. admin_seo_settings.asp - updated page to include links to download the URL Rewrite Tool next to the option to enable support for URL Rewriting on the Search Engine Optimisation page

Version 10 (28th June 2011)

1. includes/version_inc.asp - updated version number
2. admin_forum_link.asp - fixed bug that prevented external links being updated
3. rate_topic.asp - fixed bug numeric error with Access upgraded databases
4. includes/latest_posts_inc.asp - fixed display bug
5. admin_post_topic_configure.asp - fixed bug that Posts Per Page would default to 3 if you selected 11 Posts Per Page
6. includes/status_bar_header_inc.asp - updated to only show Chat Room link if you have permission to use the Chat Room
7. admin_chat_room_settings.asp - fixed bug that prevented the chat room being disabled in premium versions (thanks to klr3)
8. rate_topic.asp - added HTML Encoding for improved support for non Latin Character sets
9. ajax_post_thanks.asp - same as above
10. ajax_email_notify.asp - same as above
11. pm_outbox.asp - fixed page layout bug (thanks to klr3)
12. forum_topics.asp - same as above
13. chat.asp - fixed incorrect wording for non permitted users
14. chat_server.asp - fixed bug that meant Chat Room did not work if using mySQL Database
15. admin_forum_details.asp - fixed JavaScript error handling bug when adding Sub Forums
16. admin_forum_details.asp - updated to set default values for new forums to prevent errors in databases where default values are missing
17. forum_posts.asp - updated to add Googles new +1 button (Googles version of Facebook Like button)
18. includes/global_variables_inc.asp - updated to support new Google +1 button
19. admin_post_topic_configure.asp - updated to enable and disable Google +1 button
20. functions/functions_common.asp - updated to improve dynamic keywords
21. functions/functions_upload.asp - updated to add new function to check the image type can be resized by Persits AspJPEG
22. chat_server.asp - improved support for non English characters sets in the Chat Room
23. web.config - improvements to rewrite rules
24. admin_register.asp - the signature length is now trimmed to prevent errors
25. admin_db_import_members_form.asp - updated to also include the import of real names in to the database
26. admin_import_members.asp - same as above
27. pm_delete_message.asp - added extra checks to make sure user is logged in
28. admin_user_settings.asp - added option to hide IP Addresses from Moderators
29. includes/global_variables_inc.asp - updated to read in configuration item for IP's being hidden from Moderators
30. active_user.asp - updated to support hiding IP's from moderators
31. member_profile.asp - same as above
32. forum_posts.asp - same as above
33. functions/functions_common.asp - updated to add support for IE 10
34. admin_post_topic_configure.asp - updated wording for Topic Rating (thanks to Nick-V)
35. admin_user_settings.asp - added option to set the default search time for forum searches
36. includes/global_variables_inc.asp - updated to read in configuration item for default search time for forum searches
37. search_form.asp - updated to pre-select the default search time from the admin configuration
38. quick_search.asp - updated to use the default search date configuration item
39. chat.asp - updated to ask display forum login if the user is not logged in to the forum
40. register.asp - fixed bug that upgraded forums that had null for member points would show an error when editing profiles
41. admin_seo_settings.asp - correct grammar error in option description
42. forum_posts.asp - updated to display 'Thanks' drop down to the left if there is no Quote and Reply buttons

Version 10 beta 2 (19th May 2011)

1. includes/version_inc.asp - updated version number
2. functions/functions_common.asp - updated to add PostRank and LinkedIn bot detection for Active Users list
3. admin_forum_link.asp - new page to create Forums that link to new URL's
4. admin_view_forums.asp - updated to support forum links
5. forum_topics.asp - if a forum link then this page now rediercts to the link target
6. search_forum.asp - updated to not allow the section of forum links wehn seaching
7. default.asp - updated to show external forum links
8. language_file/language_file_inc.asp - updated with new text
9. Improvements made to upgrade and database creation tools
10. admin_pm_configure.asp - updated to correct option descriptions in Free Express Edition
11. forum_posts.asp - fixed bug that would drop the CSS on the forum topic pages if Facebok Like buttons where disabled (Thanks to msnahm)
12. forum_posts.asp - improvements to Social Sharing Links
13. ajax_topic_share.asp - added text to be more informative on what the Social Sharing icons are
14. pop_up_topic_admin.asp - updated to support external forum links
15. move_post_form.asp - same as above
16. admin_view_ladder_groups.asp - new file to view list of ladder groups
17. admin_ladder_group_details - new file for viewing, editing, and creating new ladder groups
18. admin_delete_ladder_group.asp - new file for deleting ladder groups
19. admin_menu.asp - added option to create, edit and delete ladder groups
20. functions/functions_format_post.asp - added new BBcode Hide to hide parts of posts till the member replies
21. forum_posts.asp - same as above
22. printer_friendly_posts.asp - same as above
23. RTE_popup_preview.asp - same as above
24. new_reply_form.asp - same as above
25. functions/functions_upload.asp - added work around for Microsoft IIS Semi-Colon Vulnerability in IIS 6 and below (IIS 7 and above do not have this vulnerability)
26. RTE_configuration/RTE_setup.asp - updated RTE version number
27. BBcodes.asp - updated to add information on new HIDE BBcode
28. forum_images/share_button.png - new image for social network sharing
29. includes/global_variables.asp - updated to add extra SEO options
30. admin_seao_settings.asp - same as above
31. default.asp - updated for improved SEO for URL Rewriting
32. functions/functions_filters.asp - updated HTML strip to also remove text between [HIDE] and [/HIDE] so hidden text is not displayed within a preview
33. includes/latest_posts_inc.asp - updated for improved SEO for URL Rewriting
32. forum_topics.asp - same as above
33. active_topics.asp - same as above
34. RSS_post_feed.asp - updated to support new BBcode [HIDE] [/HIDE]
35. RSS_topic_feed.asp - updated to support new BBcode [HIDE] [/HIDE]
36. RSS_calendar_feed.asp - same as above

Version 10 beta 1 (13th May 2011)

1. includes/version_inc.asp - updated version number
2. functions/functions_upload.asp - fixed issue that meant that some file types could not be uploaded
3. admin_upload_configure.asp - fixed javascript error when submitting form
4. file_manager.asp - fixed issue that meant file names containing ampersand (&) could not be deleted
5. file_delete.asp - same as above
6. file_browser.asp -same as above
7. functions/unsafe_HTML_tags_inc.asp - improved security filters
8. functions/functions_filters.asp - improved HTMLsafe security filters to remove any empty tags left after filtering
9. functions/functions_upload.asp - fixed server error if the uploaded file name included a comma
10. functions/functions_common.asp - updated user agent detection for active users list
11. admin_upload_configure.asp - now supports uploads up to 2GB when used with AspUpload 3
12. functions/functions_send_mail.asp - improve character encoding support
13. admin_email_notify_configure.asp - updated text information
14. RSS_topic_feed.asp - now supports YouTube videos in RSS Feeds
15. RSS_post_feed.asp - same as above
16. RSS_calendar_feed.asp - same as above
17. edit_post.asp - now only shows 'edited by' within edited posts, if the post is edited after 5 minutes
18. language_files/language_file_inc.asp - updated to add new text
19. search_form.asp - added new searching methods for searching for member posts that the member has started
21. search_process.asp - updated the search process to include searching for topics a member has started
22. member_profile.asp - updated so 'Online Status' text is now shorten to 'Status'
23. forum_posts.asp - same as above
24. quote_box - new images in png and gif format
25. functions/functions_format_post.asp - added images to quote boxes
26. forum_posts.asp - now displays page numbers in the page title
27. forum_topics.asp - same as above
28. global search and replace to removed dated looking ':' and replace with '-'
29. member.asp - title bar was not being loaded from language file, also now displays page numbers in title
30. pm_inbox.asp - now displays page numbers in title
31. pm_outbox.asp - same as above
32. register.asp - fixed issue that would course escape characters to display in usernames
33. admin_register.asp - same as above
34. functions/functions_common.asp - removed legacy unused functions
35. register.asp - improved error handing and checking if emails are valid
36. HttpAPI.asp - new HTTP XML API to allow programmers to interact with Web Wiz Forums from other programs, web apps, etc.
37. members.asp - improved error handling
38. functions/functions_common.asp - added new functions for better error handling of data conversions
39. Global search and replace to update CInt, CLng, CDate, CDbl, and CBool to use new error handling data conversion functions
40. admin_select_members.asp - updated to remove edit link when displaying guest account
41. admin_register.asp - updated to be able to edit the master Admin and Guest account
42. includes/setup_options_inc.asp - added new variable to disable the HTTP XML API for extra security
43. admin_db_import_members_form.asp - updated text as some people were attempting to try and enter URL's to Access databases
44. functions/functions_common.asp - added more error handing for detection of IE version
45. email_messenger.asp - updated file for mail servers which require authentication with emails sent from a local address
46. functions/functions_filters.asp - improved security filters
47. pm_email_pm.asp - improved sending email for authenticated mail servers
48. email_topic.asp - improved security and the sending of emails using authenticated SMTP servers
49. functions/functions_member_API.asp - now allows users to set an auto-login cookie state for the member API
50. includes/global_variables_inc.asp - improved error handling
51. move_post.asp - fixed rare bug that would course an error when moving a post to a new topic
52. functions/functions_windows_authentication.asp - improved security and login procedure
53. includes/global_variables_inc.asp - new configuration and settings engine
54. admin_web_wiz_forums_configuration.asp - updated file to work with new configuration system
55. admin_license.asp - updated to work with new system
56. functions/functions_login.asp - fixed admin login issue when using windows authentication
57. admin_email_notify_configure.asp - updated file to work with new configuration system
58. admin.asp - improved login when using windows authentication
59. admin_logout.asp - improved logout when using windows authentication
60. functions/functions_upload.asp - now works with larger file sizes
61. file_manager.asp - improved error handling when no allotted space is set
62. admin_upload_configure.asp - updated to work with new configuration engine
63. upload_avatars.asp - updated file to improved performance
64. admin_close_forums.asp - file updated to work with new configuration engine
65. admin_skin_configure.asp - same as above
66. admin_spam_configure.asp - updated wording instructions and now works with new configuration engine
67. admin_statistics.asp - improved performance and compacted code
68. admin_suspend_registration.asp - updated to work with new settings table
69. includes/global_variables_inc.asp - updated to add in support for new features
70. default.asp - updated to display the most ever active stats
71. functions/functions_common.asp - active users function updated to also include a database update on the event of the most ever active users
72. admin_email_notify_configure.asp - now supports alternative SMTP server Port numbers
73. admin_email_test.asp - same as above
74. admin_statistics.asp - added more statistics, inc. version number and database type
75. functions/functions_date_time_format.asp - now displays 'Unknown' if no date information is available instead of vbScripts default of 30/12/1899
76. admin_group_details.asp - now supports multiple ladder groups
77. admin_view_groups.asp - now supports multiple ladder groups
78. new_post.asp - updated to work with multiple ladder groups
79. admin_register.asp - fixed a number of bugs and can now select group when adding new member
80. register.asp - updated to support multiple ladder groups
81. admin_language_file_inc.asp - added new text
82. admin_update_check.asp - new file for added feature to check for new updates
83. admin_menu.asp - updated to link to the new update check
84. admin_skin_configure.asp - added more options
85. functions/functions_session_data.asp - added extra error handling
86. admin_web_wiz_forums_settings.asp - new file to setup general settings in Web Wiz Forums
87. admin_calendar_configure.asp - new configuration file
88. admin_pm_configure.asp - new configuration file
89. common.asp - fixed session issue
90. register.asp - fixed issue that would not allow new users to register if cookies are not enabled in their browser
91. admin_web_wiz_forums_features.asp - new file for enabling and disabling features in web wiz forums
92. admin_newspad_configure.asp - new file to configure Web Wiz NewsPad integration
93. admin_rss_configure.asp - new feature to configure RSS Feeds
94. admin_post_topic_configure.asp - new file to configure post and topic settings
95. functions/functions_common.asp - updated error handling message function to show detailed error message if global variables fail to load
96. includes/page_link_inc.asp - removed version 7 and 8 classic page numbering as it is no-longer used by anyone
97. pop_up_member_search.asp - added new text to this file as some users are confused as to how to use this tool
98. includes/message_form_inc.asp - updated for larger size of member search box
99. admin_find_member.asp - same as above
100. pm_buddy_list.asp - same as above
101. forum_topics.asp - added meta description
102. forum_posts.asp - added meta description using the text from the first 100 characters in the first post
103. RSS_topic_feed.asp - updated to work with new admin control panel settings
104. RSS_calendar_feed.asp - same as above
105. RSS_post_feed.asp - same as above
106. functions/functions_common.asp - updated cookie handling functions
107. new_reply_form.asp - now supports YouTube when replying to a YouTube post
108. printer_friendly_posts.asp - now supports YouTube in posts
109. pm_new_message.asp - supports new feature to delete old PM's if user has gone over their limit
110. includes/message_form_inc.asp - now supports new settings for PM's
111. pm_message.asp - same as above
112. RTE_popup_preview.asp - same as above
113. new_post.asp - fixed security issue where members demoted from a forum could still receive email notifications
114. includes/login_form_inc.asp - increased password length
115. login_user.asp - same as above
116. register.asp - now supports admin user setting of minimum username and password length
117. admin_register.asp - same as above
118. admin.asp - fixed bug that meant admins could not access the admin area if their usernames were above 15 characters
119. forgotten_password.asp - updated to work with new configuration settings
120. functions/functions_login.asp - updated to support new settings for setting the number of failed login attempts
121. login_user.asp - same as above
122. admin_view_groups.asp - updated for new points system
123. admin_group_details.asp - updated for new points system
124. admin_group_points.asp - new file to allow members to setup the ladder group point systems
125. register.asp - updated to work with new points system
126. admin_register.asp - added points system
127. member_profile.asp - now displays the number of points the user has
128. HttpAPI.asp - added extra error handling and included the cookie domain in the return of login cookie data via XML
129. admin_change_admin_username.asp - updated admin username update so they can select from more usernames
130. pm_message.asp - fixed bug were member could not access a PM they sent if they clicked on a notification email
131. includes/login_form_inc.asp - updated to work with new configurable settings for CAPTCH display
132. RTE_textarea.asp - updated to that it doesn't show a background image from the main CSS file
133. forum_topics.asp - improved performance for larger forums
134. forum_posts.asp - improved performance for larger topics
135. login_user.asp - passwords are now case sensitive
136. admin.asp - same as above
137. admin_change_admin_username.asp - now supports complex passwords
138. register.asp - if enabled now supports complex passwords
139. active_topics.asp - improved performance for very large forums with over 250,000 posts per year
140. get_last_post.asp - fixed overflow error when over 32,767 topics
141. forum_posts.asp - fixed reverse post bug that would not store user preference change
142. default.asp - updated layout to show last post subject at the top
143. functions/functions_date_time_format.asp - now displays 'today' in strong
144. register.asp - now includes option to require the users real name and/or location
145. search_process.asp - updated to support new topic rating system and show unread posts in bold
146. forum_topics.asp - updated to support new topic ratings and show unread posts in bold
147. search_results_posts.asp - same as above
148. search_results_topics.asp - same as above
149. pre_approved_topics.asp - same as above
150. forum_posts.asp - updated to display topic rating and allow users to rate a topic
151. active_users.asp - changed the way dates are displayed
152. rate_topic.asp - new file to rate topics
153. admin_register.asp - fixed bug that would not display the default date format for new users
154. register.asp - same as above
155. admin_seo_settings.asp - new file for configuring Search Engine Optimisation and dynamic meta tags
156. admin_skin_configure.asp - increased the size for textbox data
157. functions/functions_session_data.asp - added new option for Search Robot sessions
158. common.asp - same as above
159. functions.functions_login.asp - improved the way unsuccessful login attempts are handled
162. functions/functions_format_post.asp - improved YouTube BBcode
163. delete_topic.asp - updated to also delete any rating
164. delete_post.asp - deletes topic rating if also deleting the topic
165. admin_batch_delete_posts.asp - deletes topic rating
166. admin_delete_forum.asp - same as above
169. includes/quick_reply_form_inc.asp - now supports disabling signatures
171. admin_db_import_members_form.asp - fixed issue that would allow multiple groups and the guest group to be selected for the import member group
173. register.asp - fixed email address bug when using the existing member API
174. forgotten_password.asp - updated to support case sensitive passwords
175. forum_posts.asp - improved the way the order by session is saved
176. mark_posts_as_read.asp - changed redirect page
177. HttpAPI.asp - improved Access database support
178. functions/functions_common.asp - fixed forum statistics were they would include topics which had been set later as hidden
179. hide_post.asp - improved performance
180. lock_topic.asp - now also updates the forum stats so that hidden topics don't display on the forum index
181. includes/global_variables_inc.asp - updated to allow private messenger outbox size
182. pm_new_message.asp - updated to support new outbox functionality
183. language_file/pm_language_file_inc.asp - updated to add new text for Private Messaging
184. pm_outbox.asp - now allows you to delete messages from your outbox
185. pm_delete_message.asp - complete re-write to support deleting emails from inbox and outbox
189. functions/functions_common.asp - updated PM count update function to correctly count the number of unread posts the user has in their inbox
190. pm_new_message_form.asp - updated to restrict the number of PM's the user can have in their outbox
191. admin_user_permissions.asp - extra error checking so that can not set member permissions for the Guest Account as this can course problems
192. login_user.asp - improved security
193. functions/functions_login.asp - updated to save the login IP address of the user
194. register.asp - updated to save the registration IP address of the user
195. admin_select_members.asp - updated to allow searching of the registration/login IP address
196. admin_ip_blocking.asp - updated to get the IP address to block from the querystring to auto fill the IP text box
197. file_browser.asp - now dose not show '_vti_cnf' sub folders if Frontpage Extensions are enabled
198. RTE_file_browser.asp - same as above
199. functions/functions_upload.asp - improved error handling for file and image uploads
200. admin_email_notify_configure.asp - increased the textbox size of the forum URL
201. admin_import_members.asp - fixed bug that sometimes left passwords incorrectly imported
202. file_browser.asp - fixed issue where uploaded files did not display correctly in IE 5 and 6
203. default.asp - improved the way last posted subjects are shown
204. RTE_popup_movie.asp - updated to support Adobe Flash and/or YouTube
205. HttpAPI.asp - updated text to make it clearer to understand
206. functions/functions_session_data.asp - improved the removal of sessions which have timed out
207. RTE_quick_reply_toolbar_inc.asp - updated to support various modes
208. mark_posts_as_read.asp - updated to also mark all comments as read
209. member_profile.asp - updated to not show homepages and signatures if disabled
210. register.asp - updated to not ask for homepages and signatures if disabled
211. forum_posts.asp - updated to not show homepages if disabled
213. forum_posts.asp - updated to not show the signature of banned members
214. includes/status_bar_header_inc.asp - updated calendar to events
215. admin_group_details.asp - updated to allow the disabling of signatures for groups
216. includes/global_variables_inc.asp - updated to include new group signature permission
217. functions/functions_login.asp - updated to read in the group permission for signatures
218. member_profile.asp - updated to now not display the members signature if signatures are disabled for the group
219. includes/global_variables_inc.asp - added new global variable for the post editing time frame
230. insufficient_permission.asp - includes new message if someone attempts to edit a post outside of the permitted time frame
231. edit_post.asp - checks the time frame of when the post was created to see if the member can still edit their post
232. chat.asp - new file for forum chat room
233. new_post.asp - improved security
234. chat_server.asp - new file for chat room for server interactions
233. includes/chat_javascript.asp - new file for chat room
234. pop_up_IP_blocking.asp - now has a new property for the reason for the IP block
235. admin_ip_block.asp - same as above
236. admin_spam_filter_configure.asp - new file to configure SPAM Filters
237. admin_menu.asp - updated to add new menu option for configuring the SPAM Filters
238. admin_spam_filter_delete.asp - new file to delete spam filters
239. admin_spam_filter_add.asp - new file to add SPAM filters
240. pm_new_message.asp - updated to work with SPAM filters
241. not_posted.asp - updated with error message if Spam filters reject message
242. new_post.asp - now supports the spam filters
243. edit_post.asp - updated to check the spam filters for any spam in the edited post
244. admin_group_details.asp - added new settings for groups
245. functions/functions_filters.asp - updated to remove URL's and Images for Groups that do not have permission for these
246. admin_pm_configure.asp - updated with new settings to allow which groups can use the PM system
247. file_manager.asp - same as above
248. file_upload.asp - same as above
249. email_notify_subscriptions.asp - same as above
250. member_control_panel.asp - updated to add additional options
251. admin_forum_details.asp - updated to add new option for forum icon
252. default.asp - updated to read in custom forum icon
253. forum_topics.asp - same as above
254. includes/forum_status_icon_inc.asp - updated to display forum custom icon
255. admin_mobile_settings.asp - new file for the configuration of Mobile Device Settings
256. common.asp - updated to allow enabling and disabling of Mobile Optimised View and Mobile Domain
257. active_user.asp - updated to add linking to IP Information Tool
258. admin_chat_room_settings.asp - new file for configuring the settings for the Chat Room
259. functions/functions_login.asp - updated to allow the disabling of the new Chat Room on a group level
260. admin_registration_settings.asp - new file for setting the registration settings
261. registration_rules.asp - updated to read in the new member rules from the database rather than a file
262. includes/global_variables_inc.asp - updated to support custom fields in registration and profiles
263. register.asp - updated to support custom profile fields
264. member_profile.asp - updated to display custom profile fields
265. admin_ads_settings.asp - new file for adding Ad Code including VigLink
266. includes/ads_inc.asp - file removed as no longer required
267. includes/latest_posts_inc.asp - new file for displaying the latest forum posts on forum index page
268. default.asp - updated to show AJAX latest posts
269. forum_posts.asp - updated to support Answer/Resolution Posts
270. answer_post.asp - new file to set if a post is an answer post or not
271. member_profile.asp - updated to display the Numbers of times the member has been thanked and the number of answers
272. ajax_post_thanks.asp - new file to thank and member for a post
273. forum_posts.asp - added LinkedIn to Share Topic tool
274. register.asp - updated to add support for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
275. functions/functions_login.asp - read in the total number of PM's in a users inbox
276. includes/pm_check_inc.asp - updated to display member a message if their PM inbox is full
277. pm_inbox.asp - updated to record the number of PM's the user has in their inbox
278. pm_new_message.asp - updated page to record the number of PM's the user has in their inbox
279. ajax_topic_share.asp - new file for improved Social Networking Topic Sharing
280. includes/header.asp - updated to support custom headers set in the Admin Control Panel
281. includes/footer.asp - updated to support custom footers set in the Admin Control Panel
289. admin_server_test.asp - added test for Persits AspJPEG
290. functions/functions_upload.asp - updated to add in support for image resizing using Persits AspJPEG
291. admin_upload_configure.asp - same as above
292. members.asp - updated to only show to admin and moderators if member list is disabled
293. includes/status_bar_header_inc.asp - will only show link to member list if an admin or moderator if member list is disabled
294. functions/functions_common.asp - fixed smalldatetime error that affected some installations
295. forum_posts.asp - fixed error with SQL Server version that on Topics with 1,000's of posts some posts would not display in the correct date order
296. forum_posts.asp - applied same fixed for Topics as above for posts, although at this time there have been no reports in the wild of incorrect date orders for topics

Database Changes

New Table tblSetupOptions
New fields:-
1. Option_Item - data type = text/vchar 30 characters
2. Option_Value - data type = memo

Add Table tblLadderGroup
New fields:-
1. Ladder_ID - datatype = autonumber/identity - primary key
2. Ladder_Name - datatype = text/vcahr 25 characters

Add Table tblSpam
1. Spam_ID - datatype = autonumber/identity - primary key
2. Spam - datatype = text/vchar 255 characters
3. Spam_Action - datatype = text/vchar 20 characters

Add Table tblTopicRatingVote
New fields:-
1. Topic_ID - data type = integer
2. Author_ID - data type = integer

Add Table tblThreadThanks
New fields:-
1. Thread_ID - data type = integer
2. Author_ID - data type = integer

Removed Table tblConfiguration

Changed Table tblAuthor
New fields:-
1. Points - data type = integer - default value = 0
3. Login_IP - datatype = text/vchar 50 characters
4. Custom1 - datatype = text/vchar 255 characters
5. Custom2 - datatype = text/vchar 255 characters
6. Custom3 - datatype = text/vchar 255 characters
7. Answered - data type = integer - default value = 0
9. Thanked - data type = integer - default value = 0
10. LinkedIn - datatype = text/vchar 75 characters
11. Facebook - datatype = text/vchar 75 characters
12. Twitter - datatype = text/vchar 75 characters
13. Inbox_no_of_PM = integer - default value = 0

Changed Table tblForum
New fields:-
1. Forum_URL - datatype = text/vchar 80 characters
2. Forum_icon - datatype = text/vchar 80 characters

Changed Table tblTopic
New fields:-
1. Rating - data type = double/float - default value = 0
2. Rating_Total - data type = integer - default value = 0
3. Rating_Votes - data type = integer - default value = 0

Changed Table tblGroup
New fields:-
1. Ladder_ID - data type = integer - default value = 0
2. Signatures - data type = boolean - default value = true
3. URLs - data type = boolean - default value = true
4. Images - data type = boolean - default value = true
5. Private_Messenger = boolean - default value = true
6. Chat_Room = boolean - default value = true

Changed Table tblPMMessage
New fields:-
1. Inbox - data type = boolean - default value = true
2. Outbox - data type = boolean - default value = true

Changed Table tblBanList
New fields:-
1. Reason - datatype = text/vchar 50 characters

Changed Table tblThread
New fields:-
1. Answer - datatype = boolean - default value = false
2. Thanks - data type = integer - default value = 0

For a full list of changes prior to those listed above please see the Version History text file available inside the zip file of all downloads of Web Wiz Forums.

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