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Connecting to your SQL Server Databases

You can create SQL Server databases in your Web Hosting accounts Hosting Control Panel. Once you have created your SQL Server database use the connection information shown below to connect to your SQL Server database from within your ASP or ASP.NET applications.

Connection Info

SQL Server Database Server 2 mssql2.WebSiteLive.net
SQL Server Database Server 4 mssql4.WebSiteLive.net
SQL Server Database Server 5 mssql5.WebSiteLive.net
SQL Server Database Server 6 mssql6.WebSiteLive.net
SQL Server Database Server 7 mssql7.WebSiteLive.net
SQL Server Database Server 8 mssql8.WebSiteLive.net

Please check the Space Summary email and/or by clicking on the 'View Space Summary' link in your Control Panel to see which of the above database servers you are using for your hosting account.

Example Connection Strings

Below you will find example connection strings for connecting to SQL Server from ASP.NET and Classic ASP.

ASP.NET Server=mssql1.websitelive.net; Database=databaseName; Uid=userName; Password=password;
Classic ASP Provider=SQLOLEDB;Data source=mssql1.websitelive.net;Initial catalog=databaseName;User Id=userName;Password=password;

MyLittleAdmin Management Tool

Together with your Hosting Package you have access to our online database management tools. myLittleAdmin for SQL Server is the first web-based management tool specially designed for MS SQL Server.

It lets you manage your SQL Server Databases, including new objects such as snapshots, schemas, and credentials, etc. through a web browser. Faster than SQL Server Management Studio, its intuitive interface will seduce all users, from the DBA's to the webmasters. View Demo >>

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